What is in C60 Purple Power?
Our product consists of only two things.  A Non GMO cold pressed high quality vegetable oil, Avocado or Coconut and 99.95% pure C60.  C60 concentration in either oil is 0.9mg per ml.
How is C60 Made?
There are two main ways to create raw C60. One method uses rods of elemental carbon vaporized by electricity in a Helium atmosphere. This method imitates the way C60 is made in the atmospheres of giant red stars, as their atmospheres are being blown out into space. The other method uses a hydrocarbon wax and heat source, in a combustion based method. This method imitates the process by which the blacked wick at the end of a candle ends up containing around 0.25% C60.
How much C60 is contained in a bottle?
  • A 16 oz bottle has around 409  mg of C60 in it.  Over 10 to the 20th power molecules of C60!
  • 8oz bottle contains 204.6 mg of C60
  • 4 oz bottle contains 102 mg of C60.
How much C60 is in a teaspoon of your product? In a tablespoon?
  • There are 4.4 mg C60 in a teaspoon
  • There are 14 mg C60 in a tablespoon
How many servings are there in an 8 oz bottle of C60 Purple Power?
An 8 oz bottle of c60 contains approximately 46 teaspoons; using the daily maintenance amount of 1 teaspoon, it should last approximately 45 days.
What type of bottle do you use to package your product?
We bottle our product in BPA FREE, Non-Toxic plastic.  Plastic is the most commonly used material for food packaging. Its durability and low risk of breakage makes it ideal for shipping and storage. Non-toxic BPA Free bottles are also 100% reusable and recyclable.
What is the shelf life of C60 Purple Power?
C60 Purple Power is temperature stable; we suggest you store it in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate your c60 Purple Power; in fact, if you refrigerate the Avocado oil version it will congeal. Your bottle of c60 Purple Power will easily last 1 year after opening, though we have yet to hear of anyone who uses it that rarely!
What is the daily recommended dose of C60 Purple Power?
We suggest you begin with ¼ to ½ teaspoon per day and build up to 1 teaspoon per day to maintain your health. Users facing significant health challenges or those who participate in high intensity athletic endeavors may consider up to 1 Tablespoon per day. Also, It’s best to take your C60 Purple Power  WITH FOOD in the morning. If you begin by chugging it you might find any potential detox happens too quickly and you may feel poorly as a result. Some users find taking their C60 Purple Power with an apple supports increased active hydrogen production.  
Is C60 Purple Power Safe to Give My Pet?
Many users have reported a positive pet response. Please start with a very low dose, mixed in with your pet’s food, e.g. 1/8 teaspoon or less, and observe your pet’s response. We recommend coconut oil for dogs and avocado oil for cats.

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