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We bring you Carbon 60, an amazing molecule for increasing your health and longevity. The C60 molecule consists of sixty carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball 1.1 nanometers in diameter.​ Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health enhancing properties for both animals and plants. C60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.​ C60 Purple Power takes high purity C60 and cool infuses it into healthy plant oils for maximum monomolecular absorption. We offer C60 in both Avocado and Coconut oil.


What are people saying about C60 Purple Power?

I have been chronically ill and partially bedridden the past 10-12 years with ME and FM. After taking 1 tablespoons of C60 daily for 5 months, I am starting to feel more energetic, less pain and my eyesight is improving. My nails are growing faster and a mole on my face has disappeared. Floaters I have had for years are gone. I am 60 and will continue to use C60 and hopefully experience even better health.

Anita S.

My experience with c60 has been amazing. I have been using C60 since the first part of December, & I still can’t believe how well it is working for me. I have been plagued with a full litany of ailments, so I will highlight a few problems I have, to give an idea as to why I am so excited about C60. I have A-typical Trigeminal Neuralgia, Speech difficulties, Arthritis in my shoulder, neck, & face. Also in those areas, I have muscle, bone, & nerve weakness. I have a paralyzed vocal cord, a bent trachea, & only the left…

Erica F.

I started taking C60 2 months ago and I am in relatively very good health at age 72. I first thing I noticed is an improvement in short term memory.. I can see a series of numbers and can remember what I see more than 1 or 2 numbers at a time. I also seem to be more active. When I think of doing some minor task to do rather an put it off for later or never do it …LOL I do it. The other benefit is that my balance is much improved. I can put on or take…

Richard from Sacramento, CA

My 14 yr old dog husky/shepherd mix was in really bad shape on the night before the C60 Purple Power arrived.. and you knew I was pretty choked about the shipment getting misdirected/lost. (It wasn’t your fault – it was the weather, customs, and a postal techno-glitch). My dog Reegs, was lethargic… didn’t want to get up… he was scared to go down the stairs without me putting a leash on him and walking with him. Once we were outside he would only go a few houses along… did some “dog stuff” and wanted to go back in… He didn’t…

V. Saar from Alberta, Canada

I’ve been taking Purple Power Coconut oil for a few months and DEFINITELY see a difference in my energy levels. I will continue.

Ray F. from Hayward, California

My experience with C60 has proven to help dissolve the floaters in my eyes. I decided to try C60 to see if it would effect my floaters and after 3 months, 1 tsp. daily they have greatly diminished! I have to look for them now. I do find I have more energy and sleep less. I have tried many natural remedies for floaters and didn’t find any benefit until C60. I plan to continue with the anticipation of all traces of the floaters disappear.

Brenda B. from Denver, Colorado

I had a torn muscle group in my back from a car accident that wouldn’t heal for 3 years. After taking c60 over the period of 1 year, 99 percent of the pain was gone. Im not 100 yet but I’m back to a fully functional life.

Ryan F. from Spokane, Washington

I crashed a motorcycle at 32 years of age and broke my spine. Through the years I have tried many things to help with back pain and body aches but nothing has come close to the results I enjoy from C60. I am now approaching 60 years young and I am much more active and energetic since taking C60. I also noticed my sleep is solid now very refreshing. My wife and I also welcomed the return of my libido after a couple months of C60 we are now able to be much more spontaneous without any help. I would…

Jeffrey C. from Victorville, California

Last April, I had a cataract in my left eye. In late December, an optometrist found no cataract, both eyes were clear. For 15 years I had cramps in my feet or legs now and then at night, and the frequency was increasing. A few weeks after starting C60, never again.  

Janet C. from Melbourne, Australia

After three days of a tablespoon in morning and night of C60 Purple Power, I noticed an amazing feeling of natural energy on my way to work. It felt as if I was supercharged and even spiritually connected. It sent shivers down my spine and still does thinking about it. I also had an injury that was not healing and for 6 months it hurt. About a week into Carbon 60 and the pain was gone and still is to this day (one year later).

Justin M. from Appleton, Wisconsin

I’ve been taking C60 Purple Power for 3 months. I was diagnosed originally with tendinitis in my hip–after an MRI discovered I had almost no cartilage in my right hip. I have a replacement schedule for Feb 2019. I must say it does seem like the C60 has significantly reduced my pain. I can cycle 50 miles without batting an eye so I am in great shape for my age (70) Most people think I’m 55-60. Will report after my surgery on my recovery. I’ve also been putting on my face & neck at night for wrinkles–yes I am totally…

Fay G. from Minden, Nevada

When I heard Ken tell us about getting rid of macular degeneration, I immediately ordered it for that reason. I began taking it 7/20/18 and 6 months later had my next eye exam. Fortunately, it did not get worse, yet did not go away ~ so, I know that by my July 2019 appointment, it will have disappeared…..we are all different. All is good. In fact, all is really good because my SVT has totally disappeared. SVT stands for Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, which means my heart rate was 200 beats per minute [ normal is 50-100]. I refused to take…

Bonnie S. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My vision has improved so much that I can focus and no longer need my glasses to keep score!

Robert T. from White Sulfur Springs, Montana

After being hit by a slow moving electric tour-cart, and sustaining many injuries including brain damage, my Liver/Gallbladder area hurt 24-7 for over 6 years. A few weeks after starting the C60, the pain suddenly was gone and never came back. It’s been 4 months now. In general, I am more resilient, faster cognitive abilities, and better energy. I do drink hydrogen water from a quality machine also.

Denise S. from Palm Desert, California

I’m 70 years old and have been taking C60PP for 2 months. The main reason for taking it was to see if it would diminish the inflammation in my body. After watching a video of Alfred Lambremont Webre where he talked about the benefits he realized from C60PP, I decided to purchase a bottle and see what it would do for me. I am so happy I did. I have no pain, more energy and a lot more clarity. Another reason for taking C60PP is to combat the increased radiation we are all experiencing from EMFs, Fukushima, and other sources.…

Rebecca C.

I started taking C60PP in February 2018, if I remember correctly, and it made a significant difference in my life. Coming out of the brain fog and having more energy and less pain, I am now facing new challenges trying to get caught up on all the tasks I had let slide because my level of wellness was so low! I have several serious health issues, some that I have had for years, others are more recent. I hope to keep all who are interested updated on my documented improvement as time goes on. I am resisting at this time…

Donna B. from Olmsted Township, Ohio

My neighbor my dogs and I have been taking C60 about a month and It has been a real miracle. One of my dogs, a beautiful Great Pyrenees had been down in the front yard for three days when the first bottle arrived. I was facing having to put him down. After just three doses I was able to get him in the house and now its been a month and he can get himself up and go out all by himself. My neighbor every year has ended up with pneumonia. This time when it started I had her take…

Jan H.

I have been taking your C60 Purple Power for 1 month….I feel years younger! I used it to deal with Fibromyalgia….now I am pain free after years of chronic pain. I want to take this for the rest of my life. Also the brain fog I have had for so many years is gone. I feel like my old self again! I am a retired health worker, and am starting a blog/website about health, and your C60 will be my primary recommendation.

Nancy W. from Stanwood, Wa

My 12 year-old, 11 pound, long haired chihuahua had trouble walking, could no longer jump up on my bed, and was diagnosed by our vet with “severe arthritis”. The vitamin supplement the vet prescribed had no noticeable effect. After giving her a daily dropperfull of C60 she began to act more like a puppy, running around and easily jumping up on my bed. When I took her to the vet months later, the vet commented that it was unusual for a chihuahua that age not to have a heart murmur (her heart is strong), there was no sign of arthritis,…

Gina W. from Big Bear, California

I am 70 years old and still work 2 to 3 days a week. Some days I get very tired. Either I am useless for the rest of the day, or I take a nap, but after three weeks using C60 Purple Power I can work in the yard or run errands with my wife. which I could not do before. The energy I have now is amazing. Plus the mental clarity that comes with it, you can really concentrate better on the things you want to accomplish. Thank you for a great product.

Richard K. from Beverly, Massachusetts

I had a rash on the back of my neck and it was not going away. I tried hydrogen peroxide on it to clear it up but it was taking a long time. Then I put some C60 in coconut oil on it for 2 days in a row and it was gone. Its good for topical skin problems.  Aside from that, I am getting more exercise than I normally would, so C60 has boosted my energy levels.

Brad D. from Delta, BC Canada

I Started C60 3 months ago and already the macular degeneration I have in one eye has been reduced by about half! I am delighted! Taking 1 tbsp per day.

Denise F.

I am 69 years of age and had an MRI confirming a meniscus tear, I did not want to have surgery so, I decided to take C-60 and since taking it I do not need surgery nor any cortisone injections. My mobility has improved tremendously – so, my body really has been responding well. I also had Actinic keratosis on my face which I was having treatments for. I put C-60 in a roller ball applicator and have been applying it for the past 4 months, and the keratosis is almost all gone. Plus it is great for wrinkles. I…

Annie Marie N.

I’ve been taking C60 for about 5 1/2 months now. A lot of changes have happened. My trainer noticed that I’m doing more exercises, harder ones, and faster.  I have more energy. After exercise, I don’t experience aches the way I used to. I use C60 in a glass roll-on bottle on my skin. Dark spots are fading away. My skin has better color. Dark circles under my eyes are gone. I had toe nail fungus and its amazing – putting C60 on the toes, the nails are regenerating, it started at the base and a healthier nail is coming…

Robert H.

I am 73 & was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014. After using several typical pharmaceuticals for this condition (all had bad side effects for my body or had no effect at all), I decided to go Holistic as much as possible. I began using C60 about 6 months ago & after trying another product which seemed to make no difference, I began using Purple Power which immediately gave me more pep & energy, more brain clarity, less anxiety and more stamina. I recently tested positive with Epstein Barr & Lyme’s disease and am so grateful for this product!!! Thank…

Mary G.

I am an active 71 years old and have been taking multiple brands of C-60 for a little over one year. Today I had an appointment to receive stem cell therapy to repair 2 torn rotator cuffs and a torn meniscus using my own adipose (fat) cells. As I was having the procedure done I was coincidentally listening to your interview with Sarah Westall where you mentioned that some users had experienced an increase in telomere length AND stem cell count. After separating the stem cells, which were removed via liposuction, they were counted and subsequently discovered I had over…

Richard J. from Nashville, Indiana

C60 gives me energy for my days and my swim workouts and races. I notice more “juice” to push for speed and endurance. This summer I had a PR in a two mile open water race for which I had been aspiring for several years. I also notice better mental focus for studying after work hours. It’s delightful to have energy and enthusiasm for my other interests outside work and swimming. I need to remind myself to get some rest because I’m usually having lots of fun. I give a drop or two daily to my 20 year old black…

Rhianna G. from Boulder, Colorado

OMG!  I love C6OPP!  I use it every other day just because I find that just a little makes me so energized.  I only take 1 tsp a day 3 -4 days a week, but that’s all I need! If I am doing something athletic requiring extra stamina and endurance, I’ll have a tbsp instead that day.  Or, if I have a lot of work to do and I need to focus and need the extra brain power.  C60 helps me think!   I feel stronger mentally, physically and emotionally everyday, it’s amazing I use it.  I don’t know what it…

Folkmaiden from Boulder, Colorado

I posted the other day about my experiences with C60. I was kind of frustrated that I wasn’t experiencing greater results. Right after that post, I doubled my dosage to 2 teaspoons a day (one first thing in the morning, the other later in the day, both on an empty stomach) and the results are amazing. A few weeks prior, I had noticed that my nails looked yellowed and old. The nails were harder, but they looked bad and my hands looked their age. I’m fully aware that our nail condition is representative of our overall health. After 4 days…

Lydia T.

I just got a hydrogen water flask yesterday drank the water with a tsp of C60 Purple Power and Wow amazing energy and clarity. Can’t remember when I’ve felt this good. So grateful for this product.

Teresa D.

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