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C60, a powerful antioxidant, protects your cells from oxidative stress, reduces inflammation, and may support increased energy, performance, and endurance.*


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C60 Pet Power

C60 is a powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and inflammation, and supports increased longevity and quality of life for animals. We use the best quality, 99.99% pure C60 and 100% Certified Organic oils in all of our products.

3 types of c60 organic oil products for pets

About C60 Purple Power

C60 helps to reduce inflammation in the body by neutralizing oxidative radicals. C60 works at the cellular level by lifting the oxidative burden, allowing the mitochondria and other cellular processes to function normally. C60 may help to maximize the efficiency of cells in the production of energy, hormones and cellular metabolism.

Customer Reviews

Alexandra G.
Barcelona, Spain
Frequency: 4mg Daily
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Thank you very much! Since taking C60 Purple Power, my memory has improved as well as my concentration and focus. I have a slimmer figure and more motivation, as well as better skin! C60 has been uplifting and rejuvenating for my pet too!
David L.
Fairfield, CT
Frequency: Daily 2 Teaspoons
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I have found that the C60 Purple Power works as advertised and want to continue taking it the rest of my life. I am a senior citizen and what I really notice is the improvement in stamina, alertness and concentration I now have.
Kelsey J.
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I am a 72 year old male who has been taking C60 Purple Power for 2 years. A recent biofeedback analysis indicates that my biological age is 60!
George T.
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I'm a flooring contractor in Sacramento California, and was experiencing great difficulty with my elbows, tennis elbow and just my joints. I'm 50 years old and it seemed like it just didn't heal very quickly. But, after 3 weeks of consistently taking C60 Purple Power, I noticed a marked improvement. I've been taking C60 for about 4 months and I feel GREAT. Thank you and God bless.
Victoria A.
Waverly, OH
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I take C60 Purple Power and feel like 40 again at age 71! Taken in the morning it boosts my energy all day and helps me sleep all night!
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​I’ve been taking C60 Purple Power for 3 and half months. I am experiencing sustainable energy throughout the day. C60 is worth the price!

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I've been taking C60 Purple Power for 2 months now. I am experiencing faster healing of skin abrasions, and it stops my sinus infections from getting worse. My energy level has increased and I require less sleep! After testing C60 Purple Power for myself, I started giving it to my wife. On the third day of taking C60, my wife is experiencing an increase in energy level and feeling less tired at work!
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I've been taking C60 Purple Power in Avocado Oil since Sept 3, 2019 (so, for over 4 months). I've had tremendous improvements! I turned 56 in December. I have experienced reduced inflammation. And, for the first time in my life, I had no fall allergy to rag weed!
Ronda J.
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I've been on C60 Purple Power for 2 months and it is amazing! I am now driving my car without glasses. I've noticed there are no more floaters in my right eye, too! I LOVE Carbon 60. The effects are subtle but very, very real. Better sleep, more clarity, improved vision but most of all, it's about energy. I'm not sure it is MORE energy, it's just infinitely cleaner.
Cosmic One
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I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! My legs have bothered me my entire life and C60 Purple Power has changed that! I use the C60 in avocado oil and take 1-2 teaspoons a day. DO IT PEOPLE!!!
Steven P.
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This stuff is awesome. I walk around whistling Dixie when I take C60 Purple Power. Oh, and it's clearing up the autoimmune disease I was diagnosed with.
Christopher B.
Lancaster, TX
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I signed up for a subscription last night, and ordered my third bottle of C60 Purple Power. I love the way I feel on C60...it's destroying inflammation in my ankle and makes me feel more focused and powerful, both spiritually and psychically! 💫✨💥
Lisa C.
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I have never given a testimonial on anything, but wow, wow, wow! Two weeks ago, my daughter and her two children (who all live with me) were sick with the flu. I cleaned up puke from 2 of them, had the youngest sleep with me and was chained up in the house taking care of them for 4 days. I never got sick!!! Nothing! I am promoting C60 Purple Power to everyone. Thank you!

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