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What is C6O?


Carbon 60 has been extensively explored in biomedical research due to its unique structure and unparalleled physicochemical properties. 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C, C60 is characterized as a “free radical sponge” with an antioxidant efficacy several hundred-fold higher than conventional antioxidants.
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C60 is The Swiss Army Knife of Antioxidants

C60 is the most powerful antioxidant yet know. It can perform the actions other antioxidants including SOD, Glutathione, Catalase, and COQ10. These antioxidants play an important role in energy production in cells.

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Promotes Energy and mental focus

C60 can change brain chemistry in about 10-15 minutes and increases mitochondrial efficiency. The result most people notice is often an increase in energy and mental clarity.

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Reduces Inflammation

C60 reduces inflammation in the joints and the bones by neutralizing oxidative radicals. It also helps the mitochondria get back into balance, decreasing inflammation throughout the body.

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Improves Immune Function

C60 boosts the production of white blood cells and cytokines which help to fight off infection. C60 also reduces the level of histamines that trigger allergy symptoms.

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Cellular Efficiency and Protection

C60 can help maximize the efficiency of cells in the production of energy. C60 also provides protection against many toxic industrial chemicals, as well as mitigates the effects of ionizing radiation.

Why C60 Purple Power?
100% Certified Organic, farm direct oils
Made with the highest purity (99.99%) C60
3rd party tested for purity, quality, concentration and maximum bioavailability
Made in the USA
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C60 in Organic Avocado Oil

C60 in Organic Coconut Oil

C60 in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



We bring you Carbon 60, an amazing molecule for increasing your health and longevity. The C60 molecule consists of sixty carbon atoms shaped like a tiny soccer ball 1.1 nanometers in diameter.​ Numerous scientific studies have discovered C60 has positive health benefits. C60 is 172 times more effective against oxidative radicals than Vitamin C. C60 has also been found to be highly protective against radiation.​ C60 Purple Power takes 99.99% pure C60 and cool infuses it into healthy organic oils for maximum monomolecular absorption. We offer C60 in Organic Avocado, Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil, and Organic MCT Coconut oil.


What are people saying about C60 Purple Power?

I have a 13-year-old Australian Shepherd who has been growing more and more lethargic over the past year. It has been hard for him to even stand up sometimes. He’s scared of thunder so now when it storms we have to carry him downstairs with us where he feels a bit safer and less stressed. We recently got the news from our vet that he has leukemia. I’d been reading a lot about C60 and though I’m not expecting it to cure him of this condition, I bought it in hopes it would improve his quality of life for the…

Mike K. from Kansas City, MO

I have been taking C60 Purple Power for the last 8 months. I got ichthyosis (an itching supposedly incurable disease). People at the hospital I attended said I would have this condition for life, it would never heal and I would have to wear white compression stockings for life. That was 3 years ago. I itched & itched & I would remove scabs all the time & no other creams helped. However, over time it has improved due to C60 Purple Power & today I can honestly say that both of my legs don’t have this issue anymore. Many thanks,…

Anne S. from Queensland, Australia

I was diagnosed with breast cancer, stage 4, in 1994. Had surgery & 1 dose of chemo, then ran as fast as possible away from that treatment. In 2009, it was found in 2nd breast, had surgery and moved on. All this time I eat healthy organic food, eventually becoming vegan. Using herbs & tinctures where ever I could find them. In 2014, I found myself with massive back pain, stage 4 bone cancer. I have been using a drug to stop my estrogen production. Tried radiation to no avail. Found C60 Purple Power about a year ago, but used…

Patra B. from Seattle, WA

This is now my one-year marker for taking C60!! My arthritic pain has subsided and my thinking is much clearer. The most amazing results have been with our cat, Benny!!!! He is FIV+ and had horrible scaley, itchy bumps all over his body, biting and scratching them 24/7 and hiding from us, and lethargic. Benny is like a totally new cat ~ his skin is completely clear, his coat is beautiful, he is more playful than ever before and loves our company once again! I have another eye appointment in 6 months and will report back at that time. Thank…

Bonny S. from Philadelphia

I was diagnosed with OAB (overactive bladder) about 3 years ago. Really impossible condition requiring using the bathroom often/wearing pads to stop uncontrolled bladder leakage (bordering on incontinence). Prescription pills made me ill; the patch was pretty useless. So I did 3 things: Began taking C60 about 6 months ago; increased the amount of magnesium I take; decided to stop my one cocktail (gin) in the evening. After taking C60 for 2 or 3 months I noticed my OAB began to disappear; my muscles governing the urinary tract area began to respond and function; and 5 months later I was…

Barbara H. from West Hollywood, CA

When I first used C60PP, I noticed a few things. A brown spot on my left cheek was easily scratched off. Better yet, when I got up from sitting for a while or in the middle of the night, I did not experience any pain or have to hold on to the wall or to furniture.  Of course, I felt more energetic and ready to take on more. The other notable thing which I appreciate is that my left eyelid is no longer droopy when I am tired.

Monique F. from Canada

When I first used C60PP, I noticed a few things.  A brown spot on my left cheek was easily scratched off. Better yet, when I got up from sitting for a while or in the middle of the night, I did not experience any pain or have to hold on to the wall or to furniture. Of course I felt more energetic and ready to take on more. The other notable thing which I appreciate is that my left eyelid is no longer droopy when I am tired.

Monique F. from Canada

Last year I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I’m 72 years old. I went to my cardiologist for an annual checkup and he retested my blood. I had been taking C60 Purple Power for only one month. That’s the only thing I can think of that I did differently and to my surprise, my thyroid hormones tested normal! No more Hashimotos! Amazing product that I’ll never stop using.

Joan S. from Montana

Two Months taking C60.  I’m a 62yo male dealing with low energy and poor concentration. Work concentration and focus have increased and the stress of completing tasks is also much lower. Other observations are a general sense of well being, improved urine flow, and rapid skin healing.

Jimmy Y. from Shreveport, LA

When I first started with C60, I went for the cheapest brand that I could find. After a few months, I didn’t feel any difference so I quit. But after more research, I settled on using C60 Purple Power. The difference is phenomenal. After 3 full months, I find I’m sleeping better, my morning joint stiffness is almost gone. I feel my vision is better. I play 2 hours or more of tennis 3 or 4 times a week. And my recovery time is much better. I’m 66 years old and regularly compete against much younger athletes and can still…

Howard J. from Carlsbad, CA

First of all, C60 Purple Power has dramatically decreased my depression. I think more clearly and have the energy and motivation to get things done on a day-to-day basis. Also, it has reduced my migraines from about 15 days per month to 3 or 4 days per month after taking C60 for a few months. The migraines I do have are less severe. It has helped with joint pain so that I can walk farther and do chores within my home with little to no pain.

Sharon F. from McMinnville, OR

I had a growth on the side of my scalp in my hairline, close to my right temple, and when I brushed my hair it would irritate and break it open. After one month of taking C60 Purple Power, the growth is almost gone!

Loretta M.

I am 70 years old and have been in poor health. However after a year of taking C60 Purple Power, my high blood pressure is gone, my eyesight has markedly improved, my aches and pains have disappeared, my high-frequency hearing loss (since I was 18 years old) has disappeared, my hair is browner and my energy level is much, much better. I have also lost about 50 pounds. I was diagnosed by an endocrinologist as being overweight due to a genetic problem with my liver (which runs through my family) so the only explanation of the weight loss is what…

Thomas D. from Arlington, WA

I have been taking C60 Purple Power for a little less than a year now. I am 38 and in good health. The biggest change I have noticed is in my eyes. I wear contact lenses and have since I was a freshman in high school. Every year without fail my contact prescription goes up a quarter of a step. But, my last exam of each eye came out STRONGER! My left eye was able to go down from -3.25 to -3.00 and my right eye went from 2.75 to now only 1.50 !  I also like to use C60…

Susie H. from Cincinnati, OH

After suffering from a severe skin condition for years, and after thousands of dollars of veterinary bills, I started my 10 lb dog on C60 Purple Power (1/4 tsp daily) nearly 3 months ago. Now, for the first time in YEARS, he has hair (he had alopecia and bloody sores before the C60), skin appears fully healed, and he never scratches anymore…something he did constantly before the C60.  All I can say is …WOW! I am so grateful for his restored health!

Laurie S. from Pittsfield, MA

I’ve only been using the C60 for about four weeks and will probably be a long term user. When I first started I had these fatty lymph nodes under my arms that got inflamed, that the V.A. had to test for cancer a while back, and they now are gone! There was no cancer at the time and they did give me inflammation pills a while back but the swelling was still there. Actually, the fatty things under my arm had been there for as long as I can remember so I was always worried because Cancer runs big time…

Richard S.

I got my first bottle of C60 Purple Power last month. I can’t tell if I’ve got more clarity or not, however the most major change has come in the gym… My right shoulder had been acting up and keeping me from advancing in bench-press and overhead lifts. I noticed almost immediately that the pain subsided and I’ve been adding more weight steadily in bench presses and military presses. I also noticed the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) is no longer an issue. I’ve identified several marks to test the results of C60, so I’ll be a regular customer for…

Steven W.

My husband and I have been taking C60 for about 3 days. My husband has a blood clot in his leg and has noticed that the swelling has gone down significantly. He also sleeps better and has more energy. I have noticed for myself that I have more energy and I sleep better. I have rheumatoid arthritis, and it is helping with my pain and stiffness. We will continue to take C60 and are hopeful for even more improvements in our health.

Jennifer W.

I’ve had my 1st bottle of C60 Purple Power.  Just yesterday morning at 4:30 am, I reached to turn off my alarm clock I realized I could actually see the small font sized numbers! Normally I would need glasses – now I don’t!! Explain that? This would help explain why recently my eyes will hurt while wearing my glasses…”looks” like my eye-site is getting younger!

Robert W.

I have been chronically ill and partially bedridden the past 10-12 years with ME and FM. After taking 1 tablespoons of C60 daily for 5 months, I am starting to feel more energetic, less pain and my eyesight is improving. My nails are growing faster and a mole on my face has disappeared. Floaters I have had for years are gone. I am 60 and will continue to use C60 and hopefully experience even better health.

Anita S.

My experience with c60 has been amazing. I have been using C60 since the first part of December, & I still can’t believe how well it is working for me. I have been plagued with a full litany of ailments, so I will highlight a few problems I have, to give an idea as to why I am so excited about C60. I have A-typical Trigeminal Neuralgia, Speech difficulties, Arthritis in my shoulder, neck, & face. Also in those areas, I have muscle, bone, & nerve weakness. I have a paralyzed vocal cord, a bent trachea, & only the left…

Erica F.

I started taking C60 2 months ago and I am in relatively very good health at age 72. I first thing I noticed is an improvement in short term memory.. I can see a series of numbers and can remember what I see more than 1 or 2 numbers at a time. I also seem to be more active. When I think of doing some minor task to do rather an put it off for later or never do it …LOL I do it. The other benefit is that my balance is much improved. I can put on or take…

Richard from Sacramento, CA

My 14 yr old dog husky/shepherd mix was in really bad shape on the night before the C60 Purple Power arrived.. and you knew I was pretty choked about the shipment getting misdirected/lost. (It wasn’t your fault – it was the weather, customs, and a postal techno-glitch). My dog Reegs, was lethargic… didn’t want to get up… he was scared to go down the stairs without me putting a leash on him and walking with him. Once we were outside he would only go a few houses along… did some “dog stuff” and wanted to go back in… He didn’t…

V. Saar from Alberta, Canada

I’ve been taking Purple Power Coconut oil for a few months and DEFINITELY see a difference in my energy levels. I will continue.

Ray F. from Hayward, California

My experience with C60 has proven to help dissolve the floaters in my eyes. I decided to try C60 to see if it would effect my floaters and after 3 months, 1 tsp. daily they have greatly diminished! I have to look for them now. I do find I have more energy and sleep less. I have tried many natural remedies for floaters and didn’t find any benefit until C60. I plan to continue with the anticipation of all traces of the floaters disappear.

Brenda B. from Denver, Colorado

I had a torn muscle group in my back from a car accident that wouldn’t heal for 3 years. After taking c60 over the period of 1 year, 99 percent of the pain was gone. Im not 100 yet but I’m back to a fully functional life.

Ryan F. from Spokane, Washington

I crashed a motorcycle at 32 years of age and broke my spine. Through the years I have tried many things to help with back pain and body aches but nothing has come close to the results I enjoy from C60. I am now approaching 60 years young and I am much more active and energetic since taking C60. I also noticed my sleep is solid now very refreshing. My wife and I also welcomed the return of my libido after a couple months of C60 we are now able to be much more spontaneous without any help. I would…

Jeffrey C. from Victorville, California

Last April, I had a cataract in my left eye. In late December, an optometrist found no cataract, both eyes were clear. For 15 years I had cramps in my feet or legs now and then at night, and the frequency was increasing. A few weeks after starting C60, never again.  

Janet C. from Melbourne, Australia

After three days of a tablespoon in morning and night of C60 Purple Power, I noticed an amazing feeling of natural energy on my way to work. It felt as if I was supercharged and even spiritually connected. It sent shivers down my spine and still does thinking about it. I also had an injury that was not healing and for 6 months it hurt. About a week into Carbon 60 and the pain was gone and still is to this day (one year later).

Justin M. from Appleton, Wisconsin

I’ve been taking C60 Purple Power for 3 months. I was diagnosed originally with tendinitis in my hip–after an MRI discovered I had almost no cartilage in my right hip. I have a replacement schedule for Feb 2019. I must say it does seem like the C60 has significantly reduced my pain. I can cycle 50 miles without batting an eye so I am in great shape for my age (70) Most people think I’m 55-60. Will report after my surgery on my recovery. I’ve also been putting on my face & neck at night for wrinkles–yes I am totally…

Fay G. from Minden, Nevada

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