Supports Immune Function

Key immune function take-aways

C60 has been shown to help…

  • Promote a healthy inflammatory response, throughout the body
  • Stimulate stem cell production which in turns helps increase production of valuable, protective immune cells
  • Regulate the immune system so that it is more contained and efficient
  • Quiet the “cytokine storm” that can lead to unchecked inflammation
C60 Supports Immune Function
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As we age, maintaining a strong, well-supported immune system becomes increasingly important.

Especially since research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation reports that, we age, the body produces fewer protective B and T cells, while our existing immune cells function less effectively.1

C60 Supports immune function in three important ways

C60 Supports immune function in three important ways

On the “front lines” of your immune system are a multitude of cells that seek out and destroy invading pathogens. Ideally before they can make you sick.

This goes far beyond just white blood cells. There are T-cells, B-cells, natural killer (NK) cells, and more—each with a very specific job for finding, killing and removing harmful pathogens.

The problem is, as we age, the body’s ability to command an immune response gets weaker. And we tend to produce fewer stem cells to convert into immune cells.

Research shows that C60 helps stimulate adult stem cell production.2

And, when needed, your body can turn those stem cells into a veritable army of immune response. The more stem cells you have, the better prepared you can be to take on potentially dangerous health challenges.

Next, C60 has been shown to help promote a healthy inflammatory response and regulate immune function, so it’s more contained and efficient.

When cells are damaged, they send out a signal for help. But inflammation causes a flurry of these “calls for help” and the immune system can get “confused” about where to focus its efforts.

Last, C60 can help quiet the “cytokine storm”.

And this rush of activity causes inflammation in that area.

C60 Helps Keep Body Healthy

Often times this over-reactive inflammatory response does more harm to the body than the illness itself.

For example, in the case of some respiratory illnesses, the “cytokine storm” causes an influx of fluid to the lungs in an effort to snuff out the virus or bacteria causing the illness. But instead impedes the person’s ability to breathe.

Think about how many times you’ve seen a simple fender-bender surrounded by three fire trucks, five cop cars, two ambulances and so many bystanders that you can’t even count them all…the tow truck can’t get close to carry away the wrecked cars.
And that just makes the situation worse.

But C60 helps calm those cytokines from overreacting.⁶ So instead of three fire trucks, five cop cars, and two ambulances…you get a tow truck, one cop car and one ambulance.

And the accident, or in this case, the injury or location of free radical damage, is cleared away with ease so the body can heal faster and recover more efficiently.

C60’s Immune support summary

C60 supports immune function by fighting inflammation, regulating the immune response, and increasing production of valuable, protective immune cells. Scientific research reveals that C60 may also have antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
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