Supports Healthy Joints

Key joint health take-aways

C60 has been shown to help…

  • Promote a healthy inflammatory response—easing stiffness and supporting flexibility
  • Protect cartilage from damaging effects of free radicals while helping the body produce healthy new cartilage
  • Support healthy bones and joints by increasing mineral density—a key factor in preventing the effects of aging in bones

Creaky, cranky, achy joints is one of the biggest health challenges in the country, effecting roughly one in three adults.1

The wear and tear of a life well-lived, a lifetime of exposure to environmental toxins and/or poor dietary choices can all lead to inflammation—the single-most common reason behind joint complaints.

C60 Supports Healthy Joints
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C60 Helps Answer the Joint Health Challenge

And C60 might be Nature’s most perfect answer to this joint health challenge

Perhaps the most powerful antioxidant ever discovered, C60 acts like a free radical “sponge”. And, unlike most antioxidants, it can “reset” itself again and again—allowing it to continue neutralizing free radicals. Whereas most antioxidants can only neutralize one free radical before being “spent”.2

And, by defeating free radicals so effectively, C60 helps promote a healthy inflammatory response. Easing stiffness and supporting comfort, flexibility, and mobility.

In one study, C60 dowsed the flames of inflammation in both human cell cultures and rats.3

But it gets even better. Because, in addition to its amazing effects on inflammation, C60 was shown to help protect the cushioning joint cartilage, between each and every joint, from damage. It also helps the body produce healthy new cartilage as well.4

C60 has also been shown to strengthen bones by increasing their overall mineral density.¹³ A key factor in slowing the diminished bone density that often accompanies the aging process.

C60’s Joint support summary

In scientific studies, C60 was found to protect joints from inflammation, promoting better comfort and mobility. C60 was also found to halt cartilage destruction while stimulating growth of healthy new cartilage. So, not only is C60 able to protect joints, it can help rebuild them as well.
A Five Star C60 Review from Howard J.
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Joint stiffness is GONE!

"The difference is phenomenal. After 3 full months I find I'm sleeping better, my morning joint stiffness is almost gone…I play 2 hours or more of tennis 3 or 4 times a week. And my recovery time is much better.

I'm 66 years old and regularly compete against much younger athletes and can still keep up and beat them. Keep up the good work."

– Howard J.