Support Healthy Aging

Key anti-aging take-aways

C60 has been shown to help…

  • Promote increased energy and endurance
  • Support mental sharpness, focus and recall
  • Maintain a healthy sex drive and endurance
  • Promote wound healing and optimal immunity
  • Support collagen production for more youthful skin, hair and nails
  • Increase telomere length, a key factor in aging and longevity
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As you age, your body's natural production of antioxidants, hormones, and stem cells declines.

And with these declines come the telltale signs of aging.

On the outside, we see changes in our skin—wrinkles, age spots, less tone and elasticity. Hair turns gray or white. In some cases it disappears altogether.

On the inside we start to notice poor vision, weaker bones, less muscle strength and flexibility. And a decline in mental sharpness.

Oxidative Stress

C60 supports healthy aging in so many ways

By reducing free radical damage, inside each and every cell, the power-generating mitochondria are able to produce energy far more efficiently. 

This is not just the energy used for physical activity, but for thinking and memory, mobilizing immune response, optimizing metabolism, and more.

Increased energy and mental focus are typically the first things C60 users report noticing. 1

C60 also helps promote healthy hormone production starting with the “ringleader” hormone pregnenolone—a precursor for all of your youth-restoring hormones.

So it’s not uncommon for C60 users to experience increased sex drive and endurance.

By helping to stimulate adult stem cell production2, C60 can also help speed wound healing, repair blood vessels, and create healthy new muscle and bone cells.

And, perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of C60 is that it might actually help extend life itself. In fact, in this 2012 study, test animals who received C60 lived 90% longer.3

For more evidence that C60 can help support longevity, we look to telomeres which can actually be used to measure your biological age…

C60 Can Help Support Longevity

Research shows that telomere length is one of the biggest predictors of life and healthspan. Telomeres are little “caps” at the end of your DNA strands that hold them together and keep them from “fraying”.

They’re a bit like the plastic caps on the ends of your shoelaces.

And every time your cells replicate, those “caps” get a little smaller. And once they reach their end, you start to see the signs of aging associated with DNA damage—wrinkled skin, graying hair, muscle weakness, etc.

But C60 has been shown to help protect and extend the length of DNA telomeres! In fact, some C60 users who have had their telomeres tested report that they have the telomeres of someone much younger.

C60's Anti-againg Summary

C60 is a powerful antioxidant that supports longevity and helps your body halt free radical damage. When the body is relieved of the oxidative stress that free radicals cause, this opens the door to more effective and efficient energy production, resulting in enhanced stem cell and hormone production. This restoration of hormones and stem cells to more youthful levels can support your body in rejuvenating sex drive, immune health, and reduce visible signs of aging in hair, skin and nails.
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I’ve never had more energy!

“I’ve noticed an increase in vitality, more mental focus and an increased ability to concentrate. As an added bonus, my grey hair has started to change back to its natural color.”

– Jeff D.