C60 Health Benefits
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Increasing Longevity with C60

Supports Longevity

The 2012 Paris Baati study is probably the most famous C60 experiment. It showed that C60 was not only non-toxic, but it increased the lifespan of rats by 90%. The prolongation of the lifespan of rats by repeated oral administration of [60]fullerene
In a 2008 study, C60 improved cognition and extended lifespan of mice. A carboxyfullerene SOD mimetic improves cognition and extends the lifespan of mice

Supports Healthy Aging

In this 2010 double-blind, human study, it was found that when applied topically, C60 was effective at reducing wrinkles. Fullerene is effective against wrinkles
C60 may be effective at combating hair loss. In this 2009 study, C60 was found to promote hair growth. Researchers believe it does this by protecting the cells around hair follicles from oxidative damage. Fullerene nanomaterials potentiate hair growth
In 2010, C60 was found to protect human skin cells against UV damage. Fullerene-C60/liposome complex: Defensive effects against UVA-induced damages in skin structure, nucleus and collagen type I/IV fibrils, and the permeability into human skin tissue
C60 as a Free Radicals

Scavenges Free Radicals

C60 is characterized as a "free radical sponge" with an antioxidant efficacy several hundred-fold higher than conventional antioxidants. The Applications of Buckminsterfullerene C60 and Derivatives in Orthopaedic Research
C60 was found to be protective against free radical damage. C60 Carboxyfullerene Exerts a Protective Activity against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis in Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells

Promotes Healthy Immune Response

C60 was found to enhance the production of immune cells, such as lymphocytes (white blood cells). Immunostimulatory properties and enhanced TNF- alpha mediated cellular immunity for tumor therapy by C60
C60 was found to promote a healthy inflammatory response. Fullerene Nanomaterials Inhibit the Allergic Response
C60 Inhibits Allergic Response

Supports Healthy Inflammatory (Allergic) Response

In a 2007 study, C60 was found to inhibit allergic response and researchers believe it may play a role in controlling allergy-related inflammatory conditions. Fullerene Nanomaterials Inhibit the Allergic Response
A 1996 study found that C60 Fullerenes are biological antioxidant compounds that can reduce the body’s response to allergies. Buckminsterfullerenol free radical scavengers reduce excitotoxic and apoptotic death of cultured cortical neurons
60 Supports Cognitive Function

Supports Cognitive Function

In a 2001 animal study, C60 showed strong neuro-protective properties. Fullerene-based Antioxidants and Neurodegenerative Disorders
C60 prevented cognitive decline in mice. A carboxyfullerene SOD mimetic improves cognition and extends the lifespan of mice
Antimicrobial Properties of C60

C60 has Antimicrobial Properties

C60 was found to be an antimicrobial agent for group A streptococcus. Inhibition of Group A Streptococcus Infection by Carboxyfullerene
C60 was found, in a 2013 study, to effectively combat the flu virus. C60 compounds can help inhibit Influenza A
In a 2019 study, C60 was found to have antiviral capabilities. Fullerene compounds knock out virus infections like HIV and HSV
C60 was found to slow the spread of viruses by inhibiting viruses from replicating. Anti-Influenza Activity of C60 Fullerene Derivatives
C60 Help Prevent Weight Gain

Supports Healthy Metabolism and Weight

This 2010 study found C60 prevents cells from turning into fat cells, in both mice and humans and may effectively help prevent weight gain. The effect of squalane-dissolved fullerene-C60 on adipogenesis-accompanied oxidative stress and macrophage activation in a preadipocyte-monocyte co-culture system
C60 Protects Nerves

Protects Nerves

Nerves can die from oxidative stress and overstimulation. In this study, C60 protected nerves from dying due to “overwork” in cell cultures. Buckminsterfullerenol free radical scavengers reduce excitotoxic and apoptotic death of cultured cortical neurons
C60 protected neurons from SOD, a reactive oxidative species (free radical), associated with tissue injury and inflammation. SOD activity of carboxyfullerenes predicts their neuroprotective efficacy: A structure-activity study
C 60 Supports Bone Health

Supports Bone and Joint Health

C60 was found to maintain bone health and mineral density. Use of fullerenes for the treatment of mast cell and basophil-mediated disease
C60 protected cartilage cells from aging prematurely or dying off, and increased cartilage production by reducing the enzymes that can destroy it. Water-soluble C60 fullerene prevents degeneration of articular cartilage in osteoarthritis via down-regulation of chondrocyte catabolic activity and inhibition of cartilage degeneration during disease development
C60 Supports Eye Health

Supports Eye Health

C60 Purple Power Human vision study - We did a preliminary study with a clinical Ph.D. research Scientist and found that vision improved for all subjects who took C60 Purple Power. This study has not yet been published, but we will provide a link to it once it becomes available.
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