Promotes a Healthy Libido

Key sexual health take-aways…

C60 has been shown to help…

  • Support healthy pregnenolone production—the “ringleader” hormone used to create testosterone, estrogen and other youth-restoring hormones
  • Promote optimal ATP production—the primary energy source your body uses for all mental and physical tasks (like sex)
  • Support increased muscle endurance and shortened recovery time after physical exertion
C60 Promotes a Healthy Libido
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One of the cruelest tricks of Nature is the way aging affects sex drive, performance and endurance.

Yet there are adults well into their 80s and beyond who still enjoy a healthy and robust sex life. What’s their secret? No doubt, it has a lot to do with healthy hormone levels, optimal energy production, muscular endurance and recovery.

And research shows that C60 can help support a healthy sex life by addressing all of these potential challenges.

To start, C60 helps promote healthy hormone production starting with the “ringleader” hormone pregnenolone—a precursor for all of your youth-restoring hormones.

Including estrogen and testosterone.

C60 Increases Sex Drive

So it’s not uncommon for C60 users to experience increased sex drive.

Do you remember learning about adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in high school biology? If not, here’s a quick refresher.

ATP is the energy your body uses to do anything and everything.

From physical energy for walking, talking, picking things up, chewing and breathing, to more “internal energies” for thinking, digesting food, absorbing nutrients, mounting an immune response to a sickness or an allergy.

There is nothing that happens in your body without ATP.

And since a healthy sex life requires both physical and mental/emotional energy, optimal ATP production is key.

Every bit of ATP your body uses is created in the mitochondria (often called the cells’ “power generators”) that reside in every cell in your body.

C60 Increases Sexual Energy

One of the unfortunate “side effects” of energy production, is free radical production. And, as you know, free radicals can damage cells—preventing them from working properly.

Because C60 is such a powerful antioxidant, it actually works inside your cells, preventing free radical damage before it can even begin.

That means the mitochondria are freed up to keep creating energy without the burdens of oxidative stress (free radical damage).1

It’s like cleaning out the carburetor so the engine can run smoothly.

One of the first things people notice after adding C60 to their daily regimen is a noticeable uptick in their energy…and don’t be surprised if your motors begin running more smoothly.

C60 has also been shown to help increase muscle endurance by reducing the build-up of lactic acid. Lactic acid is what makes muscles sore after a good workout or just a day of getting things done.

At the same time, C60 increases muscle endurance2, and shortens recovery time.

So, whether you already enjoy a healthy sex life, or you’re hoping to rekindle the magic, no matter how many candles were on your last birthday cake, C60 may be able to help.

C60’s Sexual health summary

C60 has been found to restore hormone levels and may support virility and a healthy libido. C60 does this by increasing the production of pregnenolone—a precursor hormone to many other vital, age-slowing hormones. C60 can also support healthy metabolism and weight, increased energy levels, and blood flow—all factors that are important for better sex drive and performance.
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My libido is BACK!

"I'm truly blown away. My husband and I started with C60 about 14 months ago and to say 'we've still got it' just doesn't even cut it! We have also noticed an increase in our activity levels making it even more special to spend time with our grandchildren--we wake up every day feeling more energized. We love this product and recommend it to anyone experiencing lack of energy!"

Beverly H.