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Save money and time when you join the Purple Power Club!  Sign up for this subscription to receive 16 ounces of C60 Purple Power Avocado Oil, automatically delivered to your door, the same time every month.

All organic monomolecular 99% pure C60 suspended in organic Avocado Oil. Avocado Oil is mild tasting and one of the most easily digested oils. Great for skin care and a favorite with customers.

Take 1 or more teaspoons in the AM with water. Eat food within the hour for better absorption.  We recommend increasing your intake of fluids while taking this product.

Note: Do not use this product if you are allergic to Avocado.

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Retail customers get credit refund or exchange on unopened bottles.

Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

*Due to PayPal restrictions, only one subscription product can be purchased at a time.  To purchase multiple subscriptions, please checkout separately with each order.

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