Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

Ken Swartz, aka “Ken the Scientist” received his Masters of Science degree from the University of Colorado in Denver. During research, he became aware of the powerful free radical neutralizing properties of C60. He first began using C60 as a radiation protectant while participating in a fusion project.

C60 improved his health so much, he continued taking C60. In a subsequent visit to his optometrist, his dry Macular Degeneration had been vastly reduced. Due to this healing experience, he learned to make C60 solutions for friends, family and himself. As people shared their healing experiences, demand for his products grew and this eventually lead to the C60 Purple Power company.

Any statements concerning the efficacy of C60 have not been FDA approved; nor is it meant to diagnose, cure or heal any specific condition. It’s a carbon based supplement with seemingly powerful anti-oxidant properties, based on existing research.

  1. We are all so blessed, and extremely fortunate to have Ken Schwartz in our midst. What he has done with his knowledge, commitment to world health and dedication to science creates a space of safety, hope and contribution few people accomplish. C60PurplePower has turned me around. I have dealt with Metabolic Syndrome including Insulin Resistance, pre-diabetes and hypoglycemia. Having a thoroughly weakened immune system at birth, all of my life I’ve had MCS, mold sensitivities, food allergies and electro-sensitivity. Living in our tech drenched world which is going to become soon, an ever increasing grid so penetrating and dangerous to all life forms, I developed ElectroMagnetic Hypersensitivity, of EMHS. My symptoms had me barely functioning and literally suffering through every day of my life.

    That suffering led me to become an EMRS–ElectroMagnetic Radiation Specialist as a Building Biologist, certified through the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology out of Santa Fe, NM.

    Since starting C60PurplePower just under 3 months ago at a dosage of one tablespoon a day either parceled out or all at once, my EMHS symptoms have reduced significantly. So has the Metabolic Syndrome, the Insulin Resistance, food allergies, mold sensitivities and MCS. This level of restoration this fast is nothing short of staggering to me.

    We are all lucky to know about carbon 60 at this juncture in life when we will all need it more than ever.

    My great gratitude to Ken and his ongoing research to the betterment of life.

    My deep regards,

    Health Care Practitioner

  2. I too have dry macular degeneration. I am 70 . I hope it helps me also
    All the best in your work

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