Improving Mental Health For Better Immunity

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The C60 Show is co-hosted by Ken Swartz, research scientist and founder of C60 Purple Power, and Sierra Samuel, Health Coach and Marketing Director at C60 Purple Power.


In this episode of The C60 Show, Ken and Sierra discuss stress and its effects on the immune system, as well as helpful habits and ways that C60 can benefit mental health.

Episode Summary

The link between mental health and physical wellbeing has been honored in various cultures throughout time, but it’s only recently that conventional Western medicine has begun to dive into research to study these theories. What has been discovered so far clearly supports this connection; improved mental health correlates to improved physical health, and vice versa. 


People who experience chronic stress and/or depression are more likely to succumb to both infectious and inflammatory diseases. “According to The World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability,” shares Sierra Samuel, co-host of The C60 Show. In order to understand why this happens, and how we can change it, we need to look at how stress and depression affect the body.


The Moody Blues


Persistent stress and depression influence the body in several ways. Some of the more obvious signs that stress is impacting the body are related to the cardiovascular system; chronic stress is often linked to increased heart rate and high blood pressure. A second, and perhaps less obvious, link with the body is the propensity for anxiety and depression to disturb the gastrointestinal tract. When the body is in a state of acute or chronic “fight, flight or freeze,” energy is redirected from the parasympathetic nervous system, which governs digestion, to the sympathetic nervous system, which oversees survival instincts. As a result, digestion halts until the brain signals it’s safe enough to resume parasympathetic processes. In a state of chronic stress, this can manifest as many different types of digestive upset, from acid reflux to IBS and more.


Long term stress and depression also impacts the immune system directly. The more cortisol is present in the body, the more the immune system processes are suppressed. This, in turn, means the body is more susceptible to disease in the form of bacteria and viruses. 


Inflammatory response is also heightened in the presence of chronic stress and depression. When mental health suffers, persistent, low-grade inflammation occurs, leading to damage of cells and tissue, which then causes more stress and more inflammation within the body. This type of feedback loop is often related to autoimmune diseases, in which the body becomes confused by the inflammation of its own tissue, and then responds as if its been invaded by foreign pathogens. Perhaps most importantly, chronic inflammation also suppresses dopamine production, one of the primary hormones that signals happiness to the brain. 


What C60 Can Do to Help


Just as stress and depression can affect the body in negative ways, supporting the physical body can also help promote mental health. C60 Purple Power supports healthy stress management by engaging the body in several ways. 


C60 acts as a “super antioxidant,” more powerful than any other antioxidants discovered.1 Reactive oxidative species (ROS), or free radicals, are a major contributing factor to inflammation. C60 binds to ROS and renders them neutral, thereby deactivating their ability to cause inflammation. When inflammation is managed, the body can return to synthesizing dopamine as it normally would, leading to a boost in mood. 


C60 also aids in the production of cellular energy. Its antioxidant effect means that mitochondria can redirect their focus from producing antioxidants to focusing solely on producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which translates to higher energy levels and the ability to better fight off disease. 


Another component of better mitochondrial efficiency is the production of pregnenolone, the precursor molecule needed to synthesize all hormones within the body. Sufficient creation of pregnenolone is a major factor in the body’s ability to maintain healthy hormone levels, including serotonin and dopamine. These neurotransmitters play a vital role in creating a stable mood and stress response.


Tips for a Sense of Wellbeing   


The type of diet and exercise a person chooses can have a big impact on both physical and mental health. Organic, nutrient dense foods rich in antioxidants fuel the body with what it needs to support mental wellbeing from the inside out. Getting plenty of sleep is also crucial for health, especially creating a routine of going to bed at a reasonable hour. Conscientious movement, including yoga, walks and getting outside, specifically in a natural setting, have also shown to elevate mood. 


In addition, many folks find that creating a routine and sticking to it can be especially helpful for managing feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Taking time to either imagine or write down the things you’re grateful for also helps to shift one’s mindset, especially when done on a regular basis. Clearing out clutter in your home or workspace can also create a clearer mind. Oftentimes our environment is a mirror of our mental state, and cleaning things up can have a mood-boosting effect. 


Although depression and anxiety can sometimes feel debilitating, fortifying your body with the things it needs can make a big contribution to improved feelings of wellbeing. To learn more about the effects of anxiety and depression, tips to manage it and how C60 Purple Power can help, watch The C60 Show on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts



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