How to Improve Digestion Naturally: Advice, Tips, and More

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About The C60 Show Team

About The C60 Show Team

The C60 Show is co-hosted by Ken Swartz, research scientist and founder of C60 Purple Power, and Sierra Samuel, Health Coach and Marketing Director at C60 Purple Power.


Oftentimes people take for granted a minor case of digestive upset, even if it happens rather frequently. In this episode of The C60 Show, we’re looking into why it’s so crucial to pay attention to messages like this from your body, and how effective digestion is linked to overall bodily health. Whether you experience heartburn, nausea, IBS, or any other digestive symptoms, there are ways to target the problem and get things back on track.

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Episode Summary

The phrase “poor digestion” may bring a wide variety of things to mind, most likely symptoms you’ve personally experienced before. Digestive issues can encompass anything from occasional heartburn to more disruptive conditions, such as Crohn’s disease. However, even the more “minor” symptoms of poor digestion are not to be ignored. Any indication that the body is having difficulty digesting food is a sign that something is not quite right. This could indicate a lack of nutrient absorption or an imbalance of gut flora or could point to more serious issues. Because gut health is directly related to the health of the body as a whole, it must be addressed quickly and effectively.

Symptoms of Poor Digestion

symptoms of poor digestion

“When it comes to nutrition, it’s not just what you eat… it’s what your body does with what you eat,” explains Sierra Samuel, health coach and co-host of The C60 Show

“You can be eating the best food in the world, but if you don’t have a working digestive system, you’re wasting nutrients,” says research scientist Ken Swartz, who co-hosts The C60 Show alongside Samuel.

Signs that your body may not be processing food properly include, but are not limited to, gas and bloating, heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD, constipation, diarrhea, lack of nutrient absorption, IBS, nausea, candida, and leaky gut. Though not yet recognized by all medical professionals, “leaky gut” refers to the theory that cell walls may pull apart in an unhealthy digestive tract, allowing microscopic food particles to make their way into the bloodstream, where the body sees them as foreign invaders. This aggravates the immune system, which can then present such varied conditions as skin issues, autoimmune conditions, joint problems, liver problems, and even chronic fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

“Symptoms are really important; they are our body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong,” adds Samuel. “The many states of disease (often) have their foundations in a dysfunctional digestive system. So if you’re having chronic problems with digestion, that can speak to some greater issues that might be going on.”

Tips to Improve Digestion

Many things you can do to improve digestion are relatively easy and simple to implement. Increasing physical activity, even if that just means walking more, helps encourage the movement of food through the digestive tract and improves muscle tone for the intestines to do their job more efficiently.

Slow Down

Taking time to slow down, really chew your food, and find gratitude in the practice of eating a meal encourages awareness around eating, calms the nervous system (which equates to better digestion), and gives the body time to properly stimulate the flow of the digestive juices. Having the patience to chew more thoroughly also helps the enzymatic process that starts with saliva in the mouth and gives your body more time to signal that it’s full before you’ve passed that point. Overeating stresses the digestive system by requiring the body to use more energy than it would need to otherwise. In some cases, it can result in nutrient depletion as the body needs to expend an excessive amount to digest the food in an overstuffed belly.

Replace Processed Foods

Reducing or eliminating processed foods is also very helpful. These foods are full of chemicals that our bodies were never made to digest and can decimate healthy gut flora. This is the same issue we encounter when overeating. The chemical complexity of these foods can end up taking more energy for the body to process than it gains from eating them.  

Things we can add to our diet to improve digestion include increasing fiber intake. High-fiber foods, such as organic fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, can aid in moving food through the GI tract more efficiently and help to remove unhealthy bacteria along the way. Consuming fiber also decreases fat absorption, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, “When certain fibers are broken down, they produce hydrogen gas, and then your body uses that gas as an antioxidant and various signaling molecules,” explains Ken. Like increasing fiber intake, drinking plenty of filtered water also improves nutrient absorption and keeps everything moving.

Increase Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes Intake

Several supplements are also helpful in the quest for digestive health. Eating or taking probiotics helps increase beneficial bacteria, strengthening immunity, boosting mood, reducing inflammation, and keeping food moving. Raw, fermented foods are naturally rich in probiotics and have been linked to increased longevity. “In every case, in all the cultures in which the people live the longest, they ate a fermented food every day,” Ken points out.

Increasing stomach acid and introducing digestive enzymes also help the body break down food more efficiently, resulting in smoother digestion and better gut health. Ironically, heartburn is often a sign of a lack of stomach acid, not an excess of it. Without adequate HCI, your body can’t properly defend against pathogenic microorganisms. Foods do not get fully broken down (which can cause acid reflux), and partially digested food stays in the stomach longer than it should. Incorporating bitter foods, vinegar, and acidic fruits helps balance acid levels and enable the body to digest more thoroughly.

Digestive enzymes can be found naturally in certain foods, such as avocados, pineapples and papaya, sprouted seeds, and fermented options like sauerkraut, kefir, and miso (which also contain all-important probiotics). Digestive enzymes can also be purchased and taken in the form of supplements. Trying any of the tips listed above will likely result in healthier digestion, but it’s important to find which combination of tactics best addresses your body’s specific needs.

How Does C60 Promote Healthy Digestion?

C60 oils work to support healthy digestion in a number of ways. By working as a superior antioxidant, C60 takes the oxidative burden off the body, allowing it to perform various functions more effectively. 1 When it comes to digestion, this applies to a few different things.

c60 supports healthy digestion

As the oxidative burden is lifted, cells can return to full efficiency, resulting in a higher output of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from the mitochondria. 2 When cellular energy is improved, there is more energy to go around; digestion can then be completed more thoroughly and with less physical stress. This also supports the cellular metabolism responsible for regenerating tissues. This means the pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, liver, and other digestive organs are supported in their ability to heal and build new tissue when needed.

Carbon 60 also increases nutrient absorption by strengthening the gut lining; C60 supports the endoplasmic reticulum’s health, where proteins and enzymes are made. Proper proteins help cell junctures remain close and tight, addressing leaky gut and its symptoms.

The turnover rate of cells within the gut is very high; the intestine is the most highly regenerative organ in the human body, regenerating its lining, the epithelium, every five to seven days. Because carbon 60 promotes stem cell production, it helps support the proliferation of healthy gut cells vital to intestinal health.

Finally, C60 promotes the balance of healthy bacteria in the body. 3 Says Ken, “There are 10x as many bacterial cells in our body as there are human cells. We’re a symbiotic organism, and we need those bacteria to keep us healthy.” Good bacteria thrive in an aerobic environment, making their own antioxidants and taking up residence, so bad bacteria do not overpopulate. C60 helps in the metabolism of oxygen, creating a more favorable environment for helpful bacteria to thrive. The fact that these beneficial bacteria are involved in everything from gut health to mental wellbeing means we must support them with a favorable environment to call home. Their health is directly related to ours.

Making a few simple changes in your routine can have a significant impact on digestive health. For more information on healthy digestion and the role that C60 Purple Power can play, watch The C60 Show on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.

See What Real Users Are Saying About C60

“I started taking C60 Purple Power in June 2020, for about a month. I felt great, and my stomach felt as if it was flattening! At first, I wasn’t sure if it was because I was walking more or because of the C60 oil, so I stopped taking the oil for a few months. Then, I started feeling the same as before I took the C60 – stuffed even when I had barely had any food, not a lot of energy, and because of that, I soon stopped the extra walking. Long story short, I was able to connect the dots and decided to order C60 Purple Power again.  A couple of weeks later, I started feeling good again, my stomach felt better as if I was digesting better. I also don’t feel as swollen as I used to. Some of my friends have asked if I lost weight, I tell them that I don’t think that it’s fat, it’s because I’m not as swollen (inflamed) as I used to be.” 

– Teresa M.

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