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No matter how you slice it, each and every one of us is exposed to harmful toxins on a daily basis. We experience radiation from things like x-rays and wifi, and encounter chemicals in everything from carpets to cars to breakfast cereal. However, just because these things are all around us doesn’t mean there’s nothing we can do about them, and C60 can play a major role in the body’s ability to heal itself.

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Episode Summary

Lots of people talk about the importance of “detoxing” the body, but what does it really mean? Unfortunately, just by living in modern society, we are bombarded with chemicals and heavy metals in everything from the furniture we buy to the food we eat, which have a “toxic” effect on the body. Although there are ways to minimize our exposure to these harmful substances, it’s likely that no one can avoid them 100 percent of the time. As such, understanding the sources of toxins and how to help clear them from the body is crucial to supporting long-term health.

Where Are Toxins Coming From?

Sadly, living in industrialized countries means toxins are often present in everything from the air we breathe and the water we drink to the soil that grows our food and more. Common household products, including skin and hair care items, are flush with unnecessary ingredients that do more harm than good. These chemicals may be used to preserve the product, change the texture or add fragrance, among other things. Says Ken Swartz, research scientist and co-host of The C60 Show, “it may smell good but it’s not good for you.”

Sometimes toxins occur in the environment as a byproduct of processes such as the smoke released from industrial plants or radiation from medical equipment, and other times they are consciously added to consumer products, such as pesticides used in farming or chemical preservatives added to food and body products. Unfortunately some of these things simply cannot be avoided, but there are steps anyone can take to reduce the burden of toxic substances in the body.

Signs Your Body May Have Toxic Overload

Many signs and symptoms of toxicity may appear relatively minor at first, but the earliest, seemingly innocuous signs of potential toxins are your body’s way of trying to remove them. They also act as a warning signal that something is wrong, because low levels of toxins are generally addressed by filtration through the liver. It’s only when toxin levels are elevated and the liver cannot manage them adequately that other symptoms start to appear.

Common signs of toxic overload in the body include, but are not limited to, runny nose or irritated mucus membranes, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, eczema or other inflammatory skin issues, depression and anxiety, food hypersensitivity, and brain fog or memory loss, particularly due to the fact that most pesticides are loaded with neurotoxins. There is also evidence that certain types of cancer are caused or aggravated by exposure to chemicals and/or radiation.

While it is, of course, possible to experience these symptoms independently of toxic products in the body, it is worth understanding that there is a connection and that environmental toxicity may be a possible cause when other sources have been ruled out. Diagnostic tests are available to test for the presence of harmful substances in the bloodstream or urine, although blood tests are preferable as urine tests can only calculate what your body is able to eliminate, not what remains hidden in the cells.

How to Begin to Detox

The first step to detoxing the body is, of course, limiting your exposure to toxins. The human body does an excellent job of clearing harmful things out of its system as long as there’s not a rush of new toxins coming in. Investing in a high quality water filter and eating as much organic, minimally processed food as possible goes a long way in supporting the body’s ability to cleanse itself. Buying household cleaners, hair and body products from an organic market, and getting to know which ingredients to avoid (such as phthalates, parabens, aluminum and synthetic fragrance, etc.) will also support a cleaner, healthier home and body. Sierra Samuel, health coach and co-host of The C60 Show, explains that anything you place on your skin ends up in your bloodstream in a matter of seconds. “Don’t put anything on your skin that you can’t eat,” she cautions.

It also pays to be conscientious of the kind of furniture and household items you buy. PTFE (Teflon) pans, furniture made from particleboard, and many types of mattresses will “off-gas,” releasing harmful chemicals into the air that are then inhaled into the respiratory system. There are many safer alternatives to these items, including ceramic pans, solid wood furniture and organic or eco-friendly mattresses. Investing in a quality air filtration system for your home can also make a significant difference.

C60 as a Super Detoxifier

What really makes toxins so harmful? Often it’s not actually the chemical or heavy metal itself, but the way in which it breaks down in the body that causes problems. When toxins break down, reactive oxidative species (ROS) are produced, also known as free radicals, which then wreak havoc on DNA and cellular structures. Radiation also generates ROS that the body must then contend with. C60 Purple Power works as a superior antioxidant to neutralize free radicals, protecting cells from damage due to ROS, including those formed by exposure to radiation.1, 2

C60 is also able to convert heavy metals so they are no longer biologically active; C60 transforms metal hydroxides into metal oxides, enabling the body to better identify them and properly flush them out.

Because it is such a small molecule, C60 is able to cross both the blood-brain and gut barriers, moving through every part of the body before it eventually makes its way to the liver and is eliminated. This means C60 Purple Power circulates into all areas, encountering ROS and heavy metals anywhere they might be hiding (often in fatty tissue), and neutralizing them on the spot.3

C60 Purple Power supports healthy detoxification processes unlike any other supplement because of its capability to neutralize both heavy metals and free radicals at a rate higher than any other antioxidant we know of. To understand more about detoxing for health, and how C60 Purple Power can help, watch The C60 Show on YouTube or listen on Apple Podcasts.


“I had lost 33% kidney function indicated from blood work done 6 months ago through lab results. I have been taking C60 about 6 months. My most recent blood test results show no, none, nada loss of kidney function! Complete reversal of kidney loss of function. My kidneys are now operating 100%. C60 Purple Power has improved the quality of my life tremendously.” – Debi B.

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