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The C60 Show is co-hosted by Ken Swartz, research scientist and founder of C60 Purple Power, and Sierra Samuel, Health Coach and Marketing Director at C60 Purple Power.


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Episode Summary

In Western medicine, we have a tendency to treat the body in individual sections, going to the dermatologist for skin health and the podiatrist to address our feet. However, as research progresses, there is increasing reason to view the body not just as a collection of disparate limbs and systems, but as a whole, interconnected organism in which each corner of the body relies on the wellbeing of the sum of its parts. Nowhere is this more evident than within the gastrointestinal system. 


Happy Gut, Happy Everything


With all the bacteria coalescing in the stomach and intestines, it’s no wonder that good gut health is inextricably linked not only to healthy digestion, but also to a strong immune system as well as mental health and mood. 


Scientists have found that 70-80% of immune response begins in the gut, and that the body relies heavily on the delicate balance of bacteria that reside there. Simply put, bacteria in the body fall into one of two categories: good, beneficial bacteria, or bad, harmful bacteria. Good bacteria secrete essential nutrients, helping the body to synthesize necessary vitamins, hormones, amino acids and antioxidants. They help to grow nerves and blood vessels, increase communication to the brain, support the enteric nervous system (the vast network of nervous tissue that makes its home in the gut), and prevent bad bacteria from attacking the body. 


It can be helpful to think of the gut microbiome as a rich, diverse garden, which needs all of the proper resources in order for it to flourish: adequate hydration, nutrition, and a diversity of species all contribute to ensure the microbiome maintains a state of health and balance. As such, it is vital to support the gut with pre- and probiotics, as well as filtered water and healthy foods that are free of chemicals.


What’s So Bad About “Bad” Bacteria?


So-called “bad” bacteria may call to mind germs and acute illness, but their effects extend far beyond the common cold. Bad bacteria secrete toxins that kill of their friendly neighbors, good bacteria, in an effort to take control of limited space within the digestive system. These toxins then become a potential source of inflammation in the gut lining. 


A plethora of common conditions can either be traced back to, or aggravated by, bad bacteria. This includes, but is not limited to, dysbiosis, candida, IBS, cancer, autism, skin conditions, autoimmune disease, chronic inflammatory conditions, food sensitivities, UTI’s, bladder and yeast infections, among others. 


Finding a Balance


The good news is that, while a gut that is out of balance can cause a wide array of health problems, there are many habits that can be changed in order to support the growth of good bacteria and inhibit the proliferation of bad bacteria. 


Avoiding excessive use of antibiotics, chlorine and fluoride, addressing stress and dispensing with unhealthy foods are all helpful ways of bringing gut bacteria into a healthy balance. “GMO foods contain a higher level of pesticides like glyphosates, and glyphosates destroy your good bacteria,” explains Sierra Samuel of The C60 Show. Consequently, choosing organic or non-GMO foods whenever possible is a great way to restore gut health, in addition to avoiding processed foods, additives, sweeteners and inflammatory oils.


Choosing a diet rich in green, leafy vegetables, high fiber foods and fermented products contain the kind of nourishment, known as prebiotics, that good bacteria love. Using a quality filtration system will also ensure that all the water you use to keep hydrated does not adversely effect your digestive system by flooding it with harmful chemicals. 


What Can C60 Do to Support Gut Health?


C60’s ability to support gut cell production, along with a healthy inflammatory response in the gut, both work together to support the lining of the gut, keeping cellular junctures tight and enabling the body to naturally balance the microbiome.


There are lots of ways to address and heal issues with digestion or a weakened immune system, many of which are simple habits that can be cultivated in order to create a lifestyle that supports, rather than hinders, your health. For more information on gut and immune health, and how C60 can help, watch The C60 Show on YouTube, or listen on Apple Podcasts

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