Experiences with C60 Purple Power

I started taking C60PP in February 2018, if I remember correctly, and it made a significant difference in my life. Coming out of the brain fog and having more energy and less pain, I am now facing new challenges trying to get caught up on all the tasks I had let slide because my level of wellness was so low! I have several serious health issues, some that I have had for years, others are more recent. I hope to keep all who are interested updated on my documented improvement as time goes on. I am resisting at this time listing off the litany of diagnosis I have been labeled with, or my various prescription medications. I am in the process of making lifestyle changes that will support the improvement that C60PP kick started! I am grateful for this improvement in the quality of my life.

Donna Baley-Presutti

My neighbor my dogs and I have been taking C60 about a month and It has been a real miracle. One of my dogs, a beautiful Great Pyrenees had been down in the front yard for three days when the first bottle arrived. I was facing having to put him down. After just three doses I was able to get him in the house and now its been a month and he can get himself up and go out all by himself. My neighbor every year has ended up with pneumonia. This time when it started I had her take a whole shot glass for three days. She is fine now and taking about a teaspoon as maintenance dose daily. I have improvements too many to fit in 300 words…. a wonderful sense of well being for all. My four dogs, all over 90 lbs were in pain and crabby, now all are comfortable. Many many thanks … Today one of my Saanan Dairy Goats got her first dose as she has the beginnings of mastitis on her udder and now I have C60 to help her too. I love not having to depend on antibiotics and other harsh meds.

Jan Harris

I have been taking your C60 Purple Power for 1 month….I feel years younger! I used it to deal with Fibromyalgia….now I am pain free after years of chronic pain. I want to take this for the rest of my life. Also the brain fog I have had for so many years is gone. I feel like my old self again! I am a retired health worker, and am starting a blog/website about health, and your C60 will be my primary recommendation.

Nancy Williams

My 12 year-old, 11 pound, long haired chihuahua had trouble walking, could no longer jump up on my bed, and was diagnosed by our vet with “severe arthritis”. The vitamin supplement the vet prescribed had no noticeable effect. After giving her a daily dropperfull of C60 she began to act more like a puppy, running around and easily jumping up on my bed. When I took her to the vet months later, the vet commented that it was unusual for a chihuahua that age not to have a heart murmur (her heart is strong), there was no sign of arthritis, and her coat was amazing. The next day I had her teeth cleaned, and the groomer, who had been cleaning her teeth for about 10 years, asked how old she was, because her teeth were in amazing shape. I am sending this testimonial to C60 Purple Power as well as Live Long Labs, because she has had both products.

Gina Weiss

I am 70 years old and still work 2 to 3 days a week. Some days I get very tired. Either I am useless for the rest of the day, or I take a nap, but after three weeks using C60 Purple Power I can work in the yard or run errands with my wife. which I could not do before. The energy I have now is amazing. Plus the mental clarity that comes with it, you can really concentrate better on the things you want to accomplish. Thank you for a great product.

Richard Kobuszewski

I had a rash on the back of my neck and it was not going away. I tried hydrogen peroxide on it to clear it up but it was taking a long time. Then I put some C60 in coconut oil on it for 2 days in a row and it was gone. Its good for topical skin problems.  Aside from that, I am getting more exercise than I normally would, so C60 has boosted my energy levels.

Brad Darnell

I Started C60 3 months ago and already the macular degeneration I have in one eye has been reduced by about half! I am delighted! Taking 1 tbsp per day.

Denise Frank

I am 69 years of age and had an MRI confirming a meniscus tear, I did not want to have surgery so, I decided to take C-60 and since taking it I do not need surgery nor any cortisone injections. My mobility has improved tremendously – so, my body really has been responding well. I also had Actinic keratosis on my face which I was having treatments for. I put C-60 in a roller ball applicator and have been applying it for the past 4 months, and the keratosis is almost all gone. Plus it is great for wrinkles. I have also noticed my gray hair is showing streaks of my dark hair color – a salt and pepper look which I really like! I have so much more energy and my digestive system has improved, and little to no constipation which has plagued me most of my life. I started out taking 1/2 tsp daily and have worked up to 2 tsp daily. I take with an apple and drink lots of pure fresh water. I enjoy the live webinars on Facebook which brings a wealth of information and can always be reviewed & referenced since the recordings are posted on the website afterward. Thank you Ken Swartz and your team for bringing forth this amazing product.

Annie Marie Nyquist

I think I’m taking C60 about 5 1/2 months now. A lot of changes have happened. My trainer noticed that I’m doing more exercises, harder ones, and faster.  I have more energy. After exercise I don’t experience aches the way I used to. I use c60 in a glass roll-on bottle on my skin . Dark spots are fading away. My skin has better color. Dark circles under my eyes are gone. I had toe nail fungus and its amazing -putting c60 on the toes the nails are regenerating ,its started at the base and a healthier nail is coming in. Now it’s about 3/4 way new. It’s rather amazing. I’ve tried everything and nothing had worked. I have 2 friends now using Purple Power and they both like it.

Robert Hansen

I am 73 & was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2014. After using several typical pharmaceuticals for this condition (all had bad side effects for my body or had no effect at all), I decided to go Holistic as much as possible. I began using C60 about 6 months ago & after trying another product which seemed to make no difference, I began using Purple Power which immediately gave me more pep & energy, more brain clarity, less anxiety and more stamina. I recently tested positive with Epstein Barr & Lyme’s disease and am so grateful for this product!!! Thank you!

Mary Goff

I am an active 71 years old and have been taking multiple brands of C-60 for a little over one year. Today I had an appointment to receive stem cell therapy to repair 2 torn rotator cuffs and a torn meniscus using my own adipose (fat) cells. As I was having the procedure done I was coincidentally listening to your interview with Sarah Westall where you mentioned that some users had experienced an increase in telomere length AND stem cell count. After separating the stem cells, which were removed via liposuction, they were counted and subsequently discovered I had over 73 million cells! The two doctors processing the cells came rushing into my room saying that I had one of the highest counts they had ever seen (especially for my age). Moreover, they wondered what I was doing to get such a high stem cell count. Of course you know what I told them. 😃 Thanks for creating such a great product. Purple Power C60 has been a great boost to my Pickleball and bowling performance!  

Richard Jordan

C60 gives me energy for my days and my swim workouts and races. I notice more “juice” to push for speed and endurance. This summer I had a PR in a two mile open water race for which I had been aspiring for several years. I also notice better mental focus for studying after work hours. It’s delightful to have energy and enthusiasm for my other interests outside work and swimming. I need to remind myself to get some rest because I’m usually having lots of fun. I give a drop or two daily to my 20 year old black cat, Geordie. His “old kitty constipation” started “moving” again, and he has become annoyingly feisty and hungry (this is a good sign!) despite having lived with managed chronic kidney failure for the past 3 years.

Rhianna Gray

OMG!  I love C6OPP!  I use it every other day just because I find that just a little makes me so energized.  I only take 1 tsp a day 3 -4 days a week, but that’s all I need! If I am doing something athletic requiring extra stamina and endurance, I’ll have a tbsp instead that day.  Or, if I have a lot of work to do and I need to focus and need the extra brain power.  C60 helps me think!   I feel stronger mentally, physically and emotionally everyday, it’s amazing I use it.  I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but I feel HIGH on LIFE!  I’m going to recommend this to everyone I know!  Especially people that need to recover from conditions, diseases, illnesses.  Since it’s such a super-powered antioxidant, it’s amazing what the body can do with this potent ally. #getc60pp


I posted the other day about my experiences with C60. I was kind of frustrated that I wasn’t experiencing greater results. Right after that post, I doubled my dosage to 2 teaspoons a day (one first thing in the morning, the other later in the day, both on an empty stomach) and the results are amazing. A few weeks prior, I had noticed that my nails looked yellowed and old. The nails were harder, but they looked bad and my hands looked their age. I’m fully aware that our nail condition is representative of our overall health. After 4 days of doubling my doses, my nails look pink and rosy! My hands look younger and my forehead lines have disappeared. Fingers crossed that I can lose these glasses soon!!! YAY!!!! I’m so excited

Lydia Thomann

I just got a hydrogen water flask yesterday drank the water with a tsp of C60 Purple Power and Wow amazing energy and clarity. Can’t remember when I’ve felt this good. So grateful for this product.

Teresa Dela Vega

C60 is vital to keep our immune system from toxic overload.

Catherine Marcuccio

I love you! I have been taking this every morning for almost a month. I’m adding it to my balanced diet as long as I can. I have felt so rejuvenated and happy since I started. Mainly, my memory is on point. I remember everything I need to do on a daily basis, where as before, since I multitask a lot, I would forget or remain focused on whatever felt urgent. I have also stopped drinking coffee after 25 years!

Johanna Williams

I got the purple power C60 after my mom had a heart attack. She is 95. I give her a teaspoon and an apple everyday. I wish we had used it right after the heart attack. We started in January. When I got her home she wasn’t talking (too weak) not walking much and barely eating. She is still healing but she is walking up and down stairs. Able to dress herself. Her physical therapists are amazed by her. She is eating again and her quality of life is much improved. I am taking it as well. I don’t think I would have been able to keep up with all of what has gone on without it. I am her sole caregiver. Due to some medication we are having issues with her kidneys so hopefully we will overcome that and get things leveled out. After mistakes with her heart medication she is on one that is working for her (she needs less rather than more). Everyone is amazed by her. I also feed her all fresh food, homemade. I am so grateful for this product. I am sure it’s helped heal her. I will update overtime as well. Thank you C60 Purple Power!”

Copper Riley

I’m on day 4 of my C60PurplePower/coconut oil. I started with 1/8th teaspoon the first day because I’m very sensitive. Absolutely no problems, as I’m up to 1/2 teaspoon. I find I need to eat my breakfast first, then wait an hour as the instructions state. This is working very well. As for the cost, I see it as an investment in our health and well being. An investment that has exponential benefits of clarity, increased energy, etc.. I don’t take medications. I much rather spend money on C60PurplePower than try to figure out how to pay for the high cost of Western medical care. Everyone needs to make their own decision of what works for them. I’m journaling my journey with C60PurplePower. Thank you for bringing this information and product forward for humanity. One more note: When my C60PurplePower arrived, I removed the bottle from the box and bubblewrap and placed it on my table. I felt the high consciousness of the C60. I felt a deep honor and gratitude. Then… I’m up to 1 teaspoon a day. 1 teaspoon is the max for me. I already had a high vibration body and energy fields when I started C60PP. I continue to feel wonderful. I recently began an exercise program involving free weights and a treadmill. (It gets hot here in Arizona) I do hike, tai chi and qi gong for many years. I’m in my 60s, BTW. Thank you Ken, for continuing to offer C60PP for us light workers.

Barbara Becker

I’m absolutely astounded with C60PP.  I’m 61 yrs old and do carpentry work for a living, I’m getting a surge of energy I can hardly believe. I think even more beneficial if possible is that it gives you a psychological lift as well. I am so thankful to have found out about it!

Mike Hoffman

A friend recently gifted me a bottle of C60 Purple Power. I’ve been taking 1 tablespoon in the morning for over 90 days now. I’ve noticed my usual symptoms of PMS have disappeared. I haven’t had any cramps since taking C60 and any hormonally induced mood swings I previously experienced, have completely leveled out. I’m no longer experiencing emotional highs and lows during the month — my mood feels consistent and stable. With C60, I’ve noticed I feel emotionally stable and balanced, I have a general sense of well being and on most days, I feel very optimistic.

Jessica M., Age 41

I received the C60 Purple Power as a gift, and after only a few weeks have noticed a marked decrease in my allergies; an increase and stability in my energy over the day; skin that was threatened by pre-cancerous red spots is healing and becoming smooth and clear; better sleep and much greater ability to remember my dreams; and an improvement in my eyesight. I’m going to keep going with it and see.

P. Kelly

At 88 years young, I am not exactly “dancing with the stars!” Must admit I am a bit peppier and last through the day longer. I will keep taking my spoonful each morning. I think I am less forgetful.

S. Frank

Right now, I can say that I feel better than I have in a long time. My energy level is way up and my mental clarity is so much better. I haven’t been taking it long but I expect to just feel better and better. I have noticed my legs cramps have dissipated as well. It works on so many levels. You don’t think of all the ways until one day you think, “hey, I don’t have ‘such and such’ anymore. My husband will be joining me on this journey as well as soon as he gets through some personal medical issues. I will def do a follow-up statement after a while.

S. Carlson

[Recommended by my MD Physician] As you know, on October 26, 2017, I began using the C-60 “BuckyBall” from C60Purplepower.com to help heal my vision, specifically after a DEW attack on July 30, 2017 that gave rise to a “stroke” in my right eye.  Prior to my starting C-60, my ophthalmologist had warned that my vision was deteriorating and that he might have to recommend me for cataract surgery after my next quarter visit, scheduled for December 18, 2017.   After my Dec. 18 visit, I was able to write you: “I just got out of my eye doctor appointment. A-OK! Vision greatly improved since last quarterly visit. Danger of cataract surgery has disappeared. All good! No need for check-up for another 6 months.

Kevin and I both felt a core strength returning after taking the C60 Purple Power.  It has kept us very well so far through the cold winter weather and is also helping our nervous systems calm and it is boosting our energy levels.  We look forward to taking more, as we both feel it is bringing us improvement on all fronts with things that have been a challenge physically.

Laura Eisenhower

The C60 in coconut oil has no taste that I could discern.  I asked that the trial bottle not come with any description of possible effects, so I could sense it for myself.  The first thing I noticed is the profound clarity of thought.  It not only enhanced my short-term memory, but it also seemed to make it easier to think rapidly.  I did not experience any jitters or a speeding up of my metabolism.  I did not experience sleeplessness or discomfort.  The C60 is a good supplement for making it easier to recall and express information.  I don’t think I have gotten that benefit from anything else I have tried.  Thank you so much.

Brooks Agnew

I received my C60 Purple Power early October, and literally as I was beginning a cold that I could tell would be a doosy! I’ve had colds like this before, and they normally last 8-10 days, with a bad cough, body aches and a sinus infection.  I thought ‘well, now we shall see if this miracle elixir really works!’  I was badly needing the cold to end as I was leaving on a much anticipated trip in 7 days, and so thrilled to see that the main symptoms of my cold were gone in 3 days! I had the residual sniffles and coughs, but NOT the body aches, hacking cough and total weariness that I would normally have had for another week.  I am happy to testify that C60 works, and although it does all kinds of wonderful things, most people would be happy if it just ended their colds that quickly!

S. Stuart, Age 54

I don’t know what I would do without C60 Purple Power at this point in my life. As someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’, this product has made a big differences in my functioning. A huge advantage is that it decreases the tremors associated with Parkinson’s. I find it as effective that way as the medication I am taking. I also always notice that I have greater mental acuity after taking C60. I fell competent again and more energetic! So important with Parkinson’s. What a relief I felt after taking it for the first time, and every time thereafter. Even more than the physical energy is the difference it made in my attitude toward life. There is more enthusiasm and feeling of encouragement.


I Lifted 40 pounds over my personal best with C60 Purple Power. I am able to do many more reps and sets than before. Best of all my recovery times are now under 45 minutes and I’ve got back my evenings for more enjoyable things.

Bob D.

Having taken C60 Purple Power for only a couple of months now, I have noticed an increase in my energy level. Also, my short term memory has improved noticeably. Unexpectedly, I’ve noticed improvement in my facial skin condition. I am looking forward to what else might improve. I am very impressed so far!

Tom S.

As a senior with good health with no serious health issues, and one who has eaten organic for twelve years, I decided to take only one dropper of C60 Purple Power per day. After the first few days, I noticed an overall feeling of wellness in my body. After six weeks now, the feeling of wellness continues to be subtly enhanced even more, every few days. It’s a wonderful product indeed that can make a healthy person feel even more vital.


I have been taking C60 Purple Power for just over four months now. I have taken many, many, things over the years for various health issues. This, by far, is the most simple, elegantly, effective and overall best thing for my body that I think I have ever taken. It is helping heal cognitive issues and sensory sensitivity from a head injury. My night vision is improving. My digestion has improver so much I have been able to shift my diet to more plant based and less animal protein based. My body is happier. I have lost some weight and I am not as hungry as often. I am saving money on other supplements as I don’t seem to need as much of other things. I am experiencing getting healthier and healthier as I continue to take C60, something I have not experienced with other things over a prolonged period of time.


I have been taking C60 Purple Power for almost 2 years and have found it to be helping me in various ways. The main thing I would like to share is the way that it helped me recover from total hip replacement surgery. I took it before I went and then afterwards. I had virtually no pain, unlike so many other people do. I think it helped my body use it own endorphins. I was able to only use 3 of the pain pills that are highly addictive that the doctors wanted me to take. I broke most of them in half and then used them. I was able to return to work in 5 weeks. I stand at my job all day. The C60 seems to go where the body needs it!

Pam S.

I noticed effects immediately, my mind was much clearer and I was able to focus on my work better. I also have increased energy and am able to work longer on projects.


Shortly after I  began taking the C60 product, I found energy and the intensity I have lacked for too long to accomplish tasks. I just became an octogenarian at the end of March and my activity level has increased to what I was experiencing while in my fifties and sixties! The only explanation for this feeling of well-being is the Purple Power C60. Wow!

Jim C.
Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

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