C60 & Good Nutrition for Vibrant Health

In this episode, Ken talked about how C60 is part of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Some questions you will find answers to in this episode are –

  • What happens to C60 when exposed to water or light?
  • Why do C60 and coconut oil not solidify at temperatures below 76 degrees?

Ken began the show by relating a brief history about how he discovered C60 purple power, as well as, the benefits that he had gained so far. Sierra, then, announced that on December 12, there would be a special C60 show focused on pets and encouraged everyone to submit their testimonials and experiences with pets and C60. Also, she announced that the C60 show will not hold on the fourth Wednesday in December 2018. Note that submitting a testimonial can get you a 10% discount on your next C60 product order.


The first slide showed the electron orbits of the C60 Molecule, and Ken explained how hydrogen gets into the C60 molecule which converts oxidative radicals into water.

In the second slide, a picture of Raymond Francis, a science doctor, was displayed. Ken explained how Raymond Francis found a way to cure himself of a chronic disease and after his recovery, revealed that the only true disease is a malfunctioning cell and that the only solution was to restore the cell back to its original state. Ken explained the concepts and theories of Raymond Francis in details and showed how they relate to C60.

In the next slide, Ken displayed a book by Anthony William called Medical Medium, and he mentioned that eating organic for one week has a profound positive effect on the body. Ken mentioned that, although certain viruses which are picked up during youth cannot be totally eliminated during old age, the human body can be strengthened to fight these viruses. In the next slide, fresh veggies and fruits are depicted as the basis of healthy diets, and Ken explained how one can benefit from eating more veggies and about 50-60 grams of proteins daily. He also recommended fresh fish.

In the next slide, we see some vitamins, and Ken stressed that C60 does not replace vitamins. The next slide showed the periodic table elements with most micro elements and Ken recommended that you get a good micronutrients source from your local store because missing even one element of these essential nutrients can result in an ailment. In the last slide, we saw C60 purple power and Ken explained that C60 is an antioxidant which performs many essentially beneficial functions in the body.

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Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

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