C60’s Antioxidant Molecular Chemistry

In this episode of the C60 Show, Ken reveals when C60 was discovered and goes over the molecular structure of C60 and its antioxidant properties.  

Some questions you will find answers to in this episode are –

  • Should you take additional C60 when experiencing injury or an illness?
  • What relationship does C60 have with cataracts?
  • Does C60 dissolve cysts and fibroid?
In the first slide, Ken showed the representation of the C60 molecule and pointed out the yellow bonds as where the chemical actions of C60 take place. The second slide depicted oxidative radicals and Ken explained the properties of the oxidative radicals. He further stated that C60 is a selective antioxidant which reacts only with high-energy oxidative radicals. In the third slide, we saw how free radicals are formed and the factors responsible for their formation which include UV lights, metabolism, inflammation, smoking, and more. In the fourth slide, Ken explained how the body uses its antioxidants to deal with oxidative radicals by turning them into water or Nitrogen. However, Ken explained that C60 can also perform all these functions at once. The C60 can take super oxygen and convert it into hydrogen peroxide and then water. The C60 also neutralizes Hydroxyl radicals. In the next slide, we saw a Hydroxyl radical and how C60 can locally convert Hydroxyl radicals into water by attaching molecular hydrogen to the radical. The 6th slide then showed the C60 molecule with molecular hydrogen in it. Ken explained that the C60 liked to pull positive hydrogens out of an aqueous environment and store it inside the C60 molecule. It then reacts with the electrons on the surface causing it to become positively charged, thereby attracting negatively charged oxidative radicals. The next slide showed how OH attaches to C60 and combines with the hydrogen in the C60 molecule which turns it into water and this is what makes c60 unique from other antioxidants because it resets itself after this process. According to Ken, what happens is that C60 takes up hydrogen molecules, attracts oxidative radicals, uses the hydrogen to neutralize the radicals, and then resets itself. Ken pointed out that this is the reason that taking C60 with hydrogen happens to be an effective way to speed up the process. In the last slide, we saw where all the chemistry with C60 takes place. Ken thoroughly explained this side and then proceeded to answer questions from viewers and C60 users.
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