Your Brain on C60

One thing we hear time and time again from people taking C60 is that they experience an increase in mental clarity. It’s often the benefit people notice first when they start to take C60 on a regular basis.

Ken says, this is true because it takes C60 about 10-15 minutes to cause a change in brain chemistry. According to him, C60 crosses the blood-brain barrier because of its size and probably through the lipid optic system. Ken explained that this was possible because of C60’s ability to increase mitochondrial efficiency and get rid of oxidative chemicals that cause damages to signaling chemicals.

With respect to mental clarity, Ken admitted to taken little doses of C60 every few minutes when doing math which helped him to process information even better than when he was younger.

In the first slide, Ken discusses some parts of the human brain and its evolution. He pointed to where the high-level cognitive thinking that makes us higher animals takes place. He then used the second slide to explain how the brain differs from other tissues in the body. He talked about the blood-brain barrier and how brain capillary contrasted with the normal capillary and then went on to explain the role of the astrocytes in providing the brain with extra protection. He said that the lipid optic system is partially responsible for the C60 getting through the blood-brain barrier.

In the third slide, a simplistic diagram of the neuron was used by Ken to point out how each nerve can have hundreds of connections with other nerve cells and explained that all the action happens when the axon terminal meets the dendrites which are part of the reasons for mental clarity. In the fourth slide, we saw where all the action takes place between the axon terminal and the dendrites, and how complicated the brain is. He mentioned that C60 helps to ensure that neurotransmitters are produced correctly and recycled by creating a less oxidative environment. In the fifth slide, we saw some of the neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and their relevance.

In the last slide, Ken explained where all the real action happens. He pointed out that the endoplasmic reticulum is where neurotransmitters are made and packaged by the Golgi apparatus into vesicles. These vesicles move through to the cell surface. He further explained how C60 acts as a selective oxidant in the mitochondria to increase their efficiency. He also talked about the key functions that C60 performs to make the brain work better.

Some questions you will find answers to in this episode are:

  • Can MMS be taken with C60?
  • How much C60 does Ken take?
  • Is one teaspoon of C60 per day ideal?

Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

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10 thoughts on “Your Brain on C60”

  1. Can C60PP help with Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia?? Also, I have had 3 back surgeries and am in Pain Management. I have to take prescribed pain meds. Would it help with all of this? If so how much would you have to take every day? Thanks!

    1. Customer have reported C60 has helped significantly reduce their depression and anxiety. It can help enhance sleep, if only taken in the morning. Most customers find a teaspoon to tablespoon work well. Start slowly and build up.

  2. robert t yankevicz

    i was curious how c60 affects ocd (obseesion compulsive disorder) since neurotransmitters are involved and balancing occurs. i take an anti-deppresant that uptakes serotonin. just wondering if this would help?

    1. C60 has been known to bring increased focus and mental balance. We have no specific information on C60 interaction with OCD. C60 is a selective anti-oxidant and only reacts with high energy oxidative radicals and will not interact with your medications.

      1. It has seemed to help me keep well focus and balanced the past year.

        Looking forward in meeting you Ken someday.

        Beeing the bee man I bee. I got Patty some Colorado Honey. She turned me on to C-60 and your work Ken. Love the c-60 Lets do Lunch sometime soon.


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