How C60 Helps With Autoimmune Disorders

In this episode, Ken delved into the possibility that exists for C60 to help in alleviating autoimmune diseases.

Ken used the first slide to illustrate that at least 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease while about 133 million have a chronic illness.

The next slide showed a number of autoimmune diseases along with their root causes which included pathogens, infections, bacteria, fungi, hormonal imbalance, prescription drugs, generics, age, and much more. Ken, however, emphasized oxidative stress which eventually leads to chronic inflammation which in turn still causes oxidative stress. Ken pointed out that this was like a feedback mechanism and explained how C60 plays a vital role by reducing oxidative stress which in turn reduces inflammation, thereby causing your autoimmune disorder to be less noticeable.

The next slide showed the tissues of the body that can be affected by autoimmune disorders. Ken pointed out the triggers like stress, hormones, metals, food antigens, pesticides, and poisons, and he then talked about how the root causes can contribute in your immune system being weakened, thereby allowing autoimmune diseases to occur.

Ken then used the next slide to explain how macrophages help to fight against viruses in the body from the point of detection to the point of destruction. In the next slide, he showed the different kinds of macrophages as normal macrophages (type M2) and inflammatory macrophages (type M1). He likened the inflammatory macrophages to an emergency crew or the police force of the body that detect invaders and also take care of damages done to the body. He then went on to explain how the normal macrophages are designed for specific tissues and likened them to the maintenance crew for those specific tissues.

In the next slide, Ken explained how bacteria and pathogens cause autoimmune disorders and how the body’s inflammatory response persists until the foreign material is eliminated from the body. He then used the next slide to explain how a daily dose of baking soda can help to reduce the destructive inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases in 2 weeks according to research. Ken went on to explain how C60 can help by reducing the oxidative burden just like how baking soda works. He then pointed out that our environment is full of toxins and explained how C60 can neutralize the oxidative radicals produced by these toxins, thereby helping with chronic inflammation. In this episode, you will find the answer to questions such as –

  • Can baking soda be used with C60?
  • What are some of the personal benefits that Ken has gotten from C60?
  • What is the best dosage for C60?
  • How long does it take for C60 to wear off?
  • How long does it take for C60 to begin taking effect?

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4 thoughts on “How C60 Helps With Autoimmune Disorders”

  1. Episode 7 was on the youtube screen for a bit – then it disappeared. Where can I find it? I like C60 very much. Just hope my finances hold out enough for me to sign up for monthly distribution. I am 83 and in good health–and want’ to keep it that way!


  2. Hello Sierra

    I enjoyed this webinar but it did not answer my question. C60 boosts our immunity so in principle, for autoimmune, wouldn’t that be adding fuel to the fire?

    Thank you

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