How Does C60 Improve Athletic Performance?

In this week’s episode, we try to find out if C60 enhances athletic performance. There are a lot of reports about people with increased levels of endurance which has been attributed to C60.

C60 appears to increase people’s endurance levels significantly, enabling them to go on and on while also reducing the amount of time it takes to recover which probably involves two processes in which C60 is a major catalyst. People who were reportedly mid-pack have begun to win their races ever since they started taking C60. So it is safe to say that C60 enhances performance.

Using a slideshow, Ken attempts to prove how the C60 can improve athletic performance. In the first slide, the powerhouse of the cell which is the mitochondria is depicted showing how the cell provides the basic building blocks for energy and the mitochondria converts the basic building blocks and produces the energy which powers the cell.

The next slide shows the Kreb cycle and how your body produces the ATP which it uses for fuel, back to ADP, and then restarting the process. The third slide shows the important part of how your body provides the energy from food which takes a nap with the chemical enzymes, attaches another phosphate to ATP, and then the cells use the ATP to reduce energy. A phosphate comes out of the mitochondria, gives energy to the cell, creates ATP and then goes back in, and that’s how your body continues the process.

The fourth slide contains the explanation of what Ken thinks is causing the increased endurance. You would really want to focus on this slide as Ken explains the whole process in details. By using C60, the body when pushed goes into another method of producing energy causing the ATP cycle to be more efficient and last longer.

The next two slides continue to explain how C60 uses processes like the fermentation method to build endurance depending on the need and how C60 greatly increases the number of stem cells in your body and makes more cells available so that your body can heal faster with shorter recovery time.

In the last slide, Ken talks about the delayed onset of muscle soreness and how C60 probably helps in that process by either making the uptake of calcium more efficient or preventing oxidative radicals from building up and causing the leakage of calcium. And you know that when the environment is less acidic, your ATP production works much better.

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