Techniques to Improve the Effectiveness of C60

In this episode, Ken discusses tools and techniques that can help make C60 even more effective.

Ken used the first slide here to explain the things you could do to make C60 work for you better. With regards to the amount of C60 ingested by people, C60 is size dependent but ken revealed that generally, a health maintenance dose for most people is one tablespoon daily in the morning. He also recommended smaller amounts instead of one big amount. He also pointed out some more benefits and what could seem like side effects.

Ken explained that hydrogen gas works well with C60 as your cells use it as a signaling molecule and an antioxidant, and apple is good for hydrogen gas production so watch the video to get the information in detail and understand how best to use apples with C60 to get great results.  You can also activate your water with Active H2 and take it that way.

Ken also explained how you can use magnesium with C60. Ken further talked about more benefits of hydrogen, besides the fact that it enhances C60. You can learn more about hydrogen gas at the Molecular Hydrogen Institute by Tyler LeBaron. The institute has no affiliation with a seller or buyer of a hydrogen product or C60 in any way. He also talked about more ways of using Hydrogen gas and stated that C60 acts like a sponge that retains hydrogen even when hydrogen gas is diffused from your body.

Ken recommended that C60 be taken in the morning hours and at least by noon due to certain reasons which you will discover by watching the video. He also revealed that taking C60 every fifteen minutes makes the mind work like when you’re still very young and this happens for a reason.

In the next slide, you will find a serendipitous discovery and the role of electrolysis in the process. In the next slide, Ken explained how to use a hydrogen gas machine for hydrogen gas therapy. He also discussed the health benefits and the risks involved, and where you could get hydrogen gas therapy. He also explained intermittent fasting and how C60 increases stem cells and apoptosis, which is basically programmed cell death. He also explained the possibility of living forever if you had enough apoptosis and stem cells. He also discussed an experiment with rats and how to reset your circadian cycle so that you could have a more stable life. Ken then explained how intermittent fasting helped in weight loss and what the cycle really involved. You will discover the cycle ken adopted and the results.

In this video, you will find the answer to questions such as –

  • Can one overdose on hydrogen gas?
  • Are there benefits or side effects?
  • Should hydrogen gas be used together with C60?
  • How does hydrogen gas machine work and what are the benefits?

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