C60 Creation in Nature and its Discovery and Production

In this episode, Ken explained in detail the creation, discovery, and production of C60.

We had some technical difficulties on this episode because Ken lives in the mountains and his internet stopped working about 15 minutes into the show.  Not to worry, we edited out all of the troubleshooting.

First, Ken showed a picture of C60 in space and introduced a poem written by Harry Kroto, the man who discovered C60. He wrote a poem about C60 which reads:

“They seek it here, they seek it there, they seek that magenta buckyball everywhere. But space is full of high energy photons too, so it is ionized and has changed its hue.”

Ken went on to explain using the next slide what happens when C60 is in space. He stated that high radiation energy occurs, knocking out one or two electrons from the C60 causing it to become ionized which makes it absorbed differently. Then he explained how C60 is made in space. He explained the hydrogen cycle and how the sun would run out of hydrogen in 4 and a half billion years causing the sun to burn helium into carbon causing the sun to overheat and evaporate into space. However, the helium to carbon star would leave large amounts of carbon in the atmosphere. With the sun evaporated and the atmosphere cooled, C60 and some other fullerenes are created.

The next slide showed the Diffused Interstellar Bands and Ken explained in detail how they came to be. There are actually about 400 of them of which the two strongest ones were caused by C60 in its ionization states. Ken also stated that smaller forms of DIBs exist probably as C70. He explained that nobody could actually figure out what they were until in 1919 when they were discovered by Lick Observatory. DIBs remains one of the biggest mysteries in science.

In the next slide, ken showed Harry Kroto, the man who discovered C60 in 1985 for which he received a Nobel Prize in 1996. However, the Nobel Prize was shared between him, Robert Curl, and Richard Smalley. This is because these were the men who helped him in his discovery of C60. One other person who helped him in his discovery was Shawn O’Brien. Shawn, however, did not partake in the Nobel Prize because he died prior to 1996. In the slide, you will also see Harry with the fullerene 520 carbon atoms to his right while he holds C60 in his right hand and C70 in his left hand. You will also get to see the C84 floating around. There are also some others like the C76 and more.

Harry was really intelligent to figure it all out with the assistance of these other men. However, that is how it works in space. On earth, it is a little different as Ken showed in the next slide.

The next slide showed the most efficient way of making carbon 60 on earth with a picture of a meteor impacting the earth causing the creation of C60. Ken explained in detail everything that occurred with the impact and how it is probably logical to believe that carbon C60 is probably the source of the earth and all life on it.

Here are some questions to which you can find answers to in the video –

  • Can DMSO be mixed with C60 for increased penetration of tissue and effectively?
  • Would it benefit the gums and teeth?
  • Is coconut oil better on the eyes than avocado oil?
  • Does C60 have a point of diminishing returns?

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