The C60 Show (Episode 23) Live Q & A

What We’re Talking About in This Episode

  • C60 and sunburned skin
  • ALS and lime disease with C60
  • C60 for topical use
  • A typical C60 regime
  • Oil purity
  • Traveling with C60
  • How much C60 should you give your dog?
  • Oils that are best for skin conditions
  • Benefits to the kidneys and liver
  • C60 and multiple sclerosis
  • Common deficiencies
  • Libido and C60

Episode Summary

In this episode of The C60 Show we are have a live Q&A about C60. We start by answering a few frequently asked questions and then dive into the Q&A. We cover a variety of questions about all kinds of topics related to C60.

A few questions we touch on include topics such as how C60 can help with certain disorders or discomforts, the best way to travel with C60, topical use of C60 and many more. This episode is filled with lots of questions and even more answers. Gain insight about C60 during this episode. You might even get your own questions answered as well.


“The oils are safe for dogs and cats to use. It’s just what does the dog or cat prefer to use.”

“Avocado oil seems to absorb a little faster than coconut oil. Coconut oil has some other really good benefits too.”

Resources Mentioned


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