The C60 Show (Episode 20) Live Q & A

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Your Questions about Carbon 60 Answered!

What Questions we’re answering in This Episode!

  • What is C60? And, why is it purple?
  • Where does C60 come from?
  • Is C60 Safe for pets? What is the best oil for pets and what dosage?
  • What are the health benefits of C60?
  • Can C60 remove heavy metals from the body?
  • Will C60 get rid of toe fungus?

Episode Summary

In this episode, we start by answering some frequently asked questions and take a moment to review the amazing antioxidant properties of Carbon 60.  We discuss dosage and call attention to the numerous health benefits documented by scientific research.  After covering the basics, we move on to answer some live questions from our audience, many having to do with common conditions and health concerns. C60 is considered to be a “Universal Antioxidant” because it can take the place of 4 major antioxidants in the body (SOD, Glutathione, Catalase, and COQ10) which help with energy production in the cells and other functions of the body.  Ken the Scientist calls C60 the “Swiss Army Knife” of antioxidants. Learn more about C60, the proper way to use it, as well as how it may be able to help improve your health in this episode.


“C60 is 172% more powerful than Vitamin C.” “C60 is difficult to synthesize. Right now, high purity C60 by weight is more valuable than gold.” “They tested C60 on animals and it doubled their lifespan. And, when exposed to radiation and toxins, C60 made them more resistant.”

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    1. It really depends on your preference, though we do recommend taking it in the morning as it can have somewhat of a stimulating effect. If you have a problem digesting oil, it’s probably best to take it with lemon/lime water, or after eating.

  1. tasha danvers

    If 🥥 coconut doesn’t hold as much c60 as other oils like 🥑 avocado, should a person increase their dosage of tanking the coconut 🥥 version?

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