The Science of Reversing Aging with C60

This episode covered the science of reversing aging and everything to do with the mystery of telomere lengths.

This episode covered the science of reversing aging and everything to do with the mystery of telomere lengths. Telomeres wrap themselves around the end of your chromosomes and once each cell divides or as you get older, the telomeres keep getting shorter to the point where the cell dies. Ken explained that with C60 the case became different. How? After taking C60 carbon products for a couple of years, Ken revealed that people took telomere tests and the tests revealed that their telomeres were unusually long, most especially for their age. This is unusual because, in mammals, there’s no real process to lengthen telomeres.

In the first and second slide, Ken used a color-enhanced x-ray image to explain how telomeres become shorter with cell division and undergo apoptosis, which is an automatically programmed cell death. In the third slide, Ken explained the various ways that cells can go away and what the APPA topic is. He also discussed the function of undertaker cells and apoptosis does not cause inflammation. He also explained what happens when you get an injury and what macrophages do in such cases.

In the next slide, Ken explained apoptosis and what happens when telomeres get too short. The normal human being loses 50 to 70 billion cells every day to apoptosis and the stem cells bring in new cells. He illustrated vividly what goes on in the cell and what the mitochondria does, and how ATP and other chemicals are produced and how apoptosis is triggered eventually. The next slide showed what happens after billions of cells die every day through apoptosis and how they are replaced by apoptosis.

Ken explained that as we get older our stem cells decline unlike in children who lose a lesser amount of cells but have a higher amount of stem cells than in adults. And this is why older people shrink because they don’t have enough stem cells to replenish lost cells.

In the last slide, Ken explained what C60 does and how it increases signaling by creating a high signaling clarity, makes signaling proteins available and generally improves communication. As cells get senescent, their telomeres run down and to avoid dying, they down their chemistry and send fewer messages to the mitochondria, and produce less Super Oxygen Dismutase (SOD) which is a powerful antioxidant in the mitochondria that reduces charge potential, limits efficiency, and sometimes does damage to the mitochondria DNA. They can also cause other harmful effects. However, when C60 gets in there it replaces the SOD and gets the mitochondria working again, making ATP and giving energy to the cell.

So, basically C60 awakens the mitochondria and triggers apoptosis in senescent cells and then signals the stem cell to begin replacing lost cells. Stem cells are greatly stimulated by C60 and because C60 increases signal clarity by getting rid of the oxidative burden, molecules can communicate clearly without being degraded by oxidative radicals. Ken explained that with this process, telomeres probably become longer. Some questions you will find answers to in this episode are –

  • Where can you find information on administering C60 to kids with cancer?
  • How does C60 work in cats?
  • What is the right dosage for you?
  • Will C60 help to cure facial diseases?

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