Can C60 Help with Autoimmune Disorders? Part 2

Ken started the presentation by pointing out how widespread autoimmune disorders have become in our modern-day society.   He went over the organs in the body that are vulnerable to this sort of disorder. He also discussed autoimmune disease factors and gave an overview of how C60 can help alleviate these factors.

The show proper

As a continuation of the overview of how C60 can help alleviate autoimmune disease symptoms and factors, Ken went on to talk about how C60 can relieve chronic inflammation. Ken talked about how cells and Macrophages get activated to cause inflammation, in this manner creating a feedback mechanism that cascades things. He said C60 could stops this feedback loop, thereby alleviating the chronic inflammation.

The next slide is titled “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” With this slide, Ken gave details of how C60 introduced to the gut, repairs the gut lining. He talked about how C60 engages in a symbiotic relationship with helpful bacteria in the gut.

Ken also gave some pointers on how C60 can help arthritis, and he made it clear that C60 can reduce inflammation as well as reduce pain. Ken went on to provide answers to some questions about the benefits of C60.

Questions and answers on the show

  1. Can C60 help with hearing loss? Ken said that a lot of people have testified that they have improved their hearing with C60, just as their eyesight improved as well.
  2. Which oil would be best for diabetes and macular degeneration? Ken said that MCT oil is good for patients battling with these kinds of conditions. As a bit of advice, Ken said that you should avoid buying omega-3 oils that are not in the refrigerated section of the store since they are unstable and can go rancid quickly.
  3. Is C60 safe during pregnancy? Ken stated categorically that C60 is not recommended for pregnant women. He also made it clear that C60 is an adult choice and shouldn’t be used for pregnant women and infants. This goes without saying that C60 has not shown any negative effects on both pregnant women and infants. But then again, Ken doesn’t recommend it for individuals that fall into these two categories.
  4. What is the right dosage of C60 for your body mass? Ken said that, depending on your body size and the severity of your condition, your dosage of C60 will vary. Ken recommends that the average person should use 1 teaspoon of C60 daily for a maintenance dose, or 1-2 tablespoons of C60 daily if you are trying to heal a condition.


Healing the gut:

C60 alleviates inflammation:


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