Live Q&A with Ken Swartz

This was a very comprehensive show about the science of C60 and the different ways to apply C60 for your health. Here, Ken fielded some questions from C60 users and provided answers to the questions.

Coconut oil vs avocado oil vs olive oil?

All of these C60 variants have great health benefits, but carbon C60 avocado oil happens to taste better than carbon 60 olive oil. People who have glucose issues will love the carbon coconut oil variants. Basically, it depends on your choice. Coconut oil has an infinite shelf life, and avocado oil lasts about 2 years.

Why swish C60 around the mouth before swallowing?

Ken explained that customer experiences showed that swishing helps to eliminate plaque bacteria, helps with the gums, and skin damage in the mouth.

Where can you buy C60?

You can buy C60 directly from the C60 Purple Power website or on Amazon. However, Ken advised not to make purchases from eBay UK as you would only be buying a stolen product which cannot be accounted for.

What dosage is recommended for C60?

For health maintenance, a teaspoon per day is recommended and if you are working on a health problem, Ken recommends a tablespoon a day. Some customers do more or less depending on what works for them.

Is C60 the same as CBD?

C60 is different from CBD. Ken explained that C60 is an antioxidant while CBD has other benefits for the body.

Are there studies or reports on C60 for people with bipolar?

According to Ken, customers have reported that C60 can help bipolar cases by helping to restore mental balance and focus. In this interesting live Question and Answer session with scientist Ken, lots of other questions to look forward to the answers are:
  • Does C60 interfere with your estrogen blocker medication?
  • What is the effect of C60 on multiple sclerosis?
  • Can C60 be stored longer by freezing?
  • Can taking too many antioxidants cause a negative effect?
  • How long does C60 last in the body?
  • Does the oil in C60 leech plastic?

2 thoughts on “Live Q&A with Ken Swartz”

  1. I would like to know if C60 helps with

    Lyme Disease

    Black Mold Exposure

    Lead in Blood


    Kidney Issues

    Chronic Fatigue

    Epstein Barr

    Weight Loss Issues

    1. From customers responses and what I have learned, C60 can help with Black Mold exposure, kidney issues, chronic fatigue and helps with weight loss. C60 can indirectly help with Lyme Disease and Epstein Barr by helping to strengthen the immune system. To fight viral and bacterial infection effectively, more techniques and other supplements are useful.

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