How to Super Charge Your New Year’s Resolutions with C60

The show began with Ken listing some of the common new year resolutions that people set every year for themselves as

  • Exercise
  • Dieting and weight loss
  • Recovering from illness and diseases
  • Better focus and mental clarity

Here are some questions to look forward to in this episode –

  • Can C60 reverse wrinkles or aging skin?
  • Does C60 promote good bacteria in the gut?
  • Is it ok to use C60 while on the ketogenic diet?


Ken explained that with C60, endurance is increased during exercise and lactic acid buildup is neutralized. He explained how C60 works in the mitochondria causing an increase in ATP production and efficiency, as lactic acid buildup is known to inhibit the processing of ATP by the mitochondria. Ken mentioned that with C60, it is possible for you to go faster, farther, and stronger. Some real-life testimonials were shared regarding how C60 has helped individuals to beat their own personal records. Additionally, Ken added that C60 improves mental focus.

Weight Loss

Ken explained that C60 contributes to weight loss and this process is linked to ATP production increase in the cells, as well as, increased metabolism. He explained that because the cells get to work more efficiently in the production of ATP in the mitochondria, the body functions even better with weight loss through metabolism. Once more, a remarkable testimonial from a woman was shared who had experienced weight loss with C60. She experienced improvements in her night vision, digestion, and this has helped her to focus on plant-based diet. She now feels less hungry.

Healing and Recovery

Ken explained how C60 could help users to recover, rebuild, restore, and rebalance. He discussed how C60 reduces inflammation and how people suffering from inflammatory diseases can overcome some of the symptoms they might experience. With C60, people now have better recovery times, especially, during exercise. For rebalancing, Ken explained that the body requires about 10 days to get C60 to its maximum concentration on average. So, after a few weeks of having worked through C60, you will begin to experience better and better improvements. The process is progressive, and C60 eliminates the oxidative radicals that were present in the first place. And once the oxidative burden is removed, the body can start to heal itself.  C60 triggers detoxification in the beginning, and then the real health improvement begins.


Ken explained that people with aches and pains notice that their pain disappears after taking C60 for some time. He attributed this to C60’s ability to eliminate oxidative radicals that cause inflammation. Also, C60 is potent in the elimination of associated pain. Next, a remarkable testimonial was shared as to how a few weeks of C60 helped a person to become totally pain-free. Additionally, Ken explained that C60 intake reduces dependence on opiates.


Ken went on to explain how C60 increases mental clarity and focus which seem to boost people’s motivation.

Disclaimer: C60 Purple Power products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.

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