Benefits of C60 for Pets

Ken kicked off this episode with the revelation that C60 basically works for pets as it does for humans, because C60 works on the cellular level.

Some questions you will find answers to in this episode are:

  • Does C60 boost energy for daily activities?
  • Does the use of C60 improves eyesight?

Much of what we know about the benefits of C60 for pets is just like what we know for humans. The fundamental basic principle is the same because C60 acts at the cellular level, and humans and animals are very similar at the cellular level.  However, C60 Purple Power is available in two different types of oils, and different types of oils are good for different types of pets.


The first slide shows a picture of several different examples of pets.  Ken talked about how different pets require different oils.  He gave an example of how C60 coconut oil for pets is good for birds and how C60 avocado oil for pets is not suitable for birds. He concluded that when giving C60 to pets, in general, it is better to use coconut oil over avocado oil because coconut is made up of saturated fatty acids and is part of the grass family.

The second slide shows a Dog Nutritional pyramid that starts off with water at the base followed progressively by protein, then carbs, fat/oils, fiber, vitamins, and minerals at the apex of the pyramid. Ken said that Dogs require a higher protein diet because they are predators.  They have higher body temperature (105 degrees) which is best for digesting a high protein diet.

The third slide features the picture of an obese dog and cat, with a caption that says OBESITY IS THE #1 HEALTH RISK PETS FACE. Ken explains that dogs and cats are really only meant to eat one meal a day.  Proper meal spacing can help pets and humans maintain an optimal weight and avoid the health risks associated with obesity.

The fourth slide is captioned CONSEQUENCES OF EXCESS FAT IN DOGS AND CATS. Ken said that the number one thing for people and pets is nutrition, and when there is too much fat in their diet, it makes them vulnerable to certain health conditions. Some of these health conditions, as stated by the slide are; Adipose cell, skin disorders, chronic inflammations, kidney dysfunction, respiratory disorders, metabolic and endocrine disorders, cancer, orthopedic disorders and reduced life expectancy/ diminished quality of life. Ken said C60 helps with all these health conditions, but it would be better if you just give them one meal a day.

The fifth slide is about Diabetes in Dogs, because like people they eat all the time. Ken said that in order to avoid Diabetes in pets and humans, it is best to follow the meal spacing routine (also known as “intermittent fasting”).   Also, C60 has been reported to help with Type II Diabetes – though this statement has not been approved by the FDA. The next slide is about food supplements for Dogs; this slide gave a list of dog food supplements that can enhance the diet of a dog.

The last slide shows a funny photo of a small dog with a sign that says “Greedy Human Stop Stealing My C60”. Ken talked about how this is really the case for people too, and he hopes that C60 will continue to be available for the average person.

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