How C60 Naturally Boosts Energy and Stamina

In Episode 1 of the C60 Show, Ken explained how C60 boosts energy and stamina naturally.

Using the first slide, Ken explained the model and molecular structure of C60. C60 has the shape of a soccer ball and is so strong that you could fire it at 15,000 miles an hour into a steel wall and will bounce back and not damaged. He further explained the properties of the C60 molecule.

Next, we saw two of the men who discovered C60 in 1985 and received a Nobel Prize for it. The men were Richard Smalley and Harry Kroto. Robert Crul was missing because he died before the Nobel Prize was awarded to them. Ken also showed Carbon 60 in a solution which could be carbon 60 coconut oil or some other solvent and explained how the name “purple power” originated.

Next, we saw a photo of the mitochondria and Ken explained what exactly it is and how they produce ATP, which is the energy that is needed by your body. And using this, ken discussed in details how C60 brings a lot of energy by neutralizing oxidative radicals in the cells and changing the charged potential. What C60 does is simply to speed up the process of ATP production and the production of all the energy that your cells need to function in the mitochondria, thereby giving you more energy.

Using the next slide, Ken explained in detail how the C60 goes through the blood-brain barrier into the cells and right through the mitochondria membrane while soaking up the hydrogen ions that exist outside the membrane and taking them into the membrane along with it.

Ken further explained the whole process of what happens with C60 and Hydrogen. By reducing the incidence of super oxygen and other oxidative radicals, C60 enables the mitochondria to carry out its function of energy production more efficiently. There is also an interesting experiment with rats that explained how C60 works and will find that C60 has the potential to increase lifespan.

Ken then concluded by explaining that basically, what the scientific processes and experiments reveal is that C60 can help you live longer, have more energy/stamina, and recover quicker from general activities.

Here are some questions from the show and you should watch the video to find the answers –

  • How does C60 affect the adrenals?
  • Where should you put C60 when traveling by air?
  • How does one get hydrogen gas?
  • Why does C60 cause runny bowels in some people?
  • Does C60 need to be refrigerated? Why or why not?
  • Does C60 have any effects on the male prostate?
  • Can hydrogen help C60 to be more effective?

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