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“During these times of uncertainty, my #1 goal is to

keep you healthy so you feel safe!”

– David Wygant

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“Since using C60, I have been around people who were sick, and I haven’t come down with a single sniffle. My immune system feels strong, my brain fog has disappeared, and I have noticed my sex drive and workout performance have both increased substantially.”

– David Wygant


C60 in Organic
Avocado Oil

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C60 in Organic Extra
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Customer Reviews

Thank you very much! Since taking C60 Purple Power, my memory has improved as well as my concentration and focus. I have a slimmer figure and more motivation, as well as better skin! C60 has been uplifting and rejuvenating for my pet too!

- Alexandra B.​

I have found that the C60 Purple Power works as advertised and want to continue taking it the rest of my life. I am a senior citizen and what I really notice is the improvement in stamina, alertness and concentration I now have.

- David L.

I am a 72 year old male who has been taking C60 Purple Power for 2 years. A recent biofeedback analysis indicates that my biological age is 60!

- Kelsey J.

Scientific research has shown that C60
may provide the following health benefits:

Promotes Energy
and Mental Focus

Supports Healthy
Inflammatory Response

Supports Healthy
Immune Function



Healthy Aging

The Healing Power of C60

When taken regularly, Carbon 60 protects the body from aging and cellular damage. In scientific terms, C60 is an antioxidant that greatly reduces “oxidative stress”—a natural process believed to be a major cause of aging—by helping the body to heal naturally.


C60 has been extensively studied in biomedical research because of its unique structure and unparalleled healing properties. C60 soaks up “free radicals”—rogue molecules that damage or “oxidize” others by raiding them of electrons—with an antioxidant efficacy several hundredfold higher than conventional antioxidants.


David Wygant Fans Receive
an exclusive 10% OFF!