Come Join the Conversation on Our New Facebook Group!

You’ve probably liked our C60 Purple Power Facebook Page already, but did you know that we have a C60 Support Group on Facebook as well?  We’re sharing our stories, our experiences, our ideas, and our questions about C60 there and we’d love if you’d join us.  We will also be rolling out some live videos in the group with Ken the scientist! So stay tuned about that!

C60 Support Group is a closed group, meaning that your posts will only be shown to members.  Just click on the “join” button, answer a couple questions so that we know you’re a real person, and one of our group admins will add you to the group!  Then, please take a moment to introduce yourself.  It’s that simple!

*Note: If you are specifically looking for customer support, please email  This group is not monitored by our customer service representatives, but is merely for purposes of connecting and empowering the C60 community with knowledge about the use of C60.

8 thoughts on “Come Join the Conversation on Our New Facebook Group!”

  1. I have noticed an overall feeling of wellbeing. Some change in eyes but very subtle. Started second month.
    I am interested to know how another company can sell for much less. What makes purple power different than say,c69 Labs? Any information would be appreciated.

  2. I bought a bottle of C60 Purple Power. I am interested in purchasing something that produces hydrogen water which enhances C60.
    I am overwhelmed at the choices available to make the water.
    Please advise.
    Thank you

  3. Is it true that hydrogenized water enhances c60 Purple Power?
    What machine do you recommend?
    There are many on the market.

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