Can C60 Slow the Aging Process and Extend Your Life?

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The C60 Show is co-hosted by Ken Swartz, research scientist and founder of C60 Purple Power, and Sierra Samuel, Health Coach and Marketing Director at C60 Purple Power.


During our conversation we explain the science of aging, how C60 reduces free radicals and how telomeres are measurement of aging. We talk about how C60 impacts the overall aging process and not only why, but how it specifically can help with symptoms of aging. Learn more during our conversations about how C60 can start helping you today!

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Episode Summary

On average, human beings are living longer than ever before. In many ways this is beneficial, however, the longer we live the longer our bodies need to stay healthy, and the progression of aging intrinsically means that certain physiological processes decline with time. Is there a way to support the body so it is better able to maintain vital functions longer into life? We think so.

Signs & Symptoms of Aging

Most signs of aging are fairly well known; they may include graying or hair loss, a thinning of the skin, a decrease in muscle tone, a change in vision, loss of bone density, and possibly cognitive decline. A downturn in stem cell production can also lead to a compromised immune system, among other things.

Why Do Our Bodies Age?

One of the biggest factors in physical signs of aging is correlated to a person’s exposure to reactive oxidative species, or ROS (aka free radicals). ROS are created by both natural cellular processes and by inflammation. These rogue molecules are unstable, reactive, and capable of inflicting damage to DNA, proteins, and other molecules, leading to significant cell damage. A consequence of cellular metabolism, free radicals are environmentally endemic due to pollution, smoke, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and high levels of atmospheric carbon from methane and fossil fuels. Our bodies naturally produce antioxidants to fight ROS, but that process declines with age.

As a byproduct of chronic free radical damage, a person’s ability to produce hormones also decreases. A lessening of essential hormones can manifest as lowered libido, weight gain, brain fog, and insomnia, among other things.

The presence of excessive ROS also leads to a decline in stem cell production. “Stem cells actually carry DNA information,” explains Sierra Samuel of The C60 Show, meaning they can form into nearly any type of cell the body needs. As aging is related to the body’s ability to regenerate new cells and tissues, improving stem cell count is crucial to supporting everything from muscle tone to immune response.

Reduced collagen production also occurs over time as cells are less able to maximize adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. As a key structural protein, collagen’s triple helix of amino acids constitutes between 25% and 35% of all protein within the body. Unfortunately, after the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen each year. Collagen is vital not only to parts of the body we can see, such as our skin, but also to the inner workings of joints and ligaments, which are often areas of complaint as people get older.

Finally, average telomere length is considered a biological measurement of age, but as people age their bodies are populated by older cells, which have already divided multiple times, resulting in shortened telomeres. “Telomeres are at the end of the chromosomes…If you don’t have enough telomeres at the end the chromosomes will unravel, and the cell can’t reproduce,” shares Ken Swartz, research scientist and co-host of The C60 Show. Telomere shortening could be a major contributor to the aging process and development of disease. Because stems cells are produced with a full set of telomeres, a higher stem cell count means longer average length of telomeres, indicating a younger biological age (i.e. a person could be 70 but their telomere length indicates an age closer to 55).

Healthy Aging and C60

In perhaps the most well-known C60 study to date, rats who were given C60 showed no signs of toxicity, and actually lived twice as long as the rats that did not receive it at all.1 As a superior antioxidant, C60 Purple Power combats oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals at a rate higher than any other antioxidants we know of, taking the oxidative burden off the body and enabling it to promote cellular health more effectively. This translates to the management of a healthy inflammatory response, as well as a support of ATP, pregnenolone (the precursor molecule needed for the synthesis of hormones) and stem cell production.

In addition to C60’s ability to manage oxidative stress2 and stimulate the proliferation of stem cells3, it has also been linked to longer telomere length and the support of collagen production.4 There is also ample evidence that C60 promotes mental clarity and cognitive function.5

What does this mean for aging? In short, C60 Purple Power’s ability to support the biological processes listed here translates to an alteration in the common signs and symptoms of aging: a promotion in collagen production supports skin, joint and ligament health; cognitive function is managed6; muscle and bone health is supported as is vision and hair loss. When oxidative stress is addressed, cells can return to optimal function, which supports bodily health in numerous ways. In short, C60’s antioxidant power works to promote health in every part of the body, no matter your age.

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