C60 in your Coffee?

Let’s get motivated…

Usually, the first benefit people notice when starting to take carbon 60 products is that the “mental fog” lifts, and they are suddenly motivated to do things they’ve been putting off for a long time. Things that were once too challenging become easier, and life takes on new meaning as confidence, energy and mental focus increase.

We at C60 Enterprises have experienced this to be true ourselves, first hand!   As a small company, with just a few employees, we’ve been able to accomplish much more than we ever imagined. And, it is no wonder since we all use the product on a daily basis!   

But enough about us…

Here are some kind words from a few of our customers who report experiencing the same benefits….

“I started taking C60 Purple Power in February 2018 and it made a significant difference in my life. Coming out of the brain fog and having more energy and less pain, I am now facing new challenges trying to get caught up on all the tasks I had let slide because my level of wellness was so low! I am grateful for this improvement in the quality of my life.”

-Donna P.

“I don’t know what I would do without C60 Purple Power at this point in my life. As someone who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’, this product has made a big differences in my functioning. A huge advantage is that it decreases the tremors associated with Parkinson’s. I find it as effective that way as the medication I am taking. I also always notice that I have greater mental acuity after taking C60. I fell competent again and more energetic! So important with Parkinson’s. What a relief I felt after taking it for the first time, and every time thereafter. Even more than the physical energy is the difference it made in my attitude toward life. There is more enthusiasm and feeling of encouragement.”


Can I really put C60 in my coffee?

Sure!  Why not?  We think it’s a great combination – and a formula for some serious motivation.

We recommend using our C60 in Coconut Oil, made from high quality, non-GMO fractionated coconut oil (aka MCT oil).

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