Can C60 Slow Down the Aging Process and Extend Your Life?

What We’re Talking About in This Episode:

  • What causes grey hair?
  • The C60 challenge
  • The reason hair loss occurs
  • The science of what causes aging
  • How C60 reduces free radicals
  • Stems cells and what they do 
  • Drop in hormone levels with age
  • Symptoms related to reduced hormones
  • Telomeres as a measurement of age
  • How C60 impacts telomeres
  • Hair growth with C60
  • How C60 helps with digestion

Episode Summary

In this episode of The C60 Show, we talk all about the amazing anti-aging properties of C60 Purple Power. C60 has the power to slow aging and in some cases reverse aging. We dive deep into the science of aging and what causes it. 

The real cause of aging is oxidative stress. That’s where C60 comes into play and has the ability to reduce and in some cases reverse aging as it relates to aging metrics such as telomeres. 

During our conversation, we explain the science of aging, how C60 reduces free radicals and how telomeres are a measurement of aging. We talk about how C60 impacts the overall aging process and not only why, but how it specifically can help with symptoms of aging. 


“According to the Japanese C60 BioResearch Corporation, a C60 solution applied topically increased hair growth by 16% among male test subjects.”

“Stems cells are magical because they can basically turn into any cell that you need.”

“C60 helps reduce allergic response which will really help with leaky gut as well.”

4 thoughts on “Can C60 Slow Down the Aging Process and Extend Your Life?”

    1. No, we use the highest quality C60 available +99.99% from a sublimated source in the US. Sublimation is similar to evaporation and no solvents are involved. So no need for vacuum ovens or washing of the C60. We are not affiliated with anyone in Houston.

  1. I’m excited in trying this new adventure experience, I’m 61 and fairly active but I’m seeking signs of old age…not good! My question is: I’m currently taking an HGH supplement, is this going to cause a possible conflict?

    1. C60 will not in anyway interact with your HGH supplement. C60 only reacts with high energy oxidative radicals. As C60 assists mitochondria to full functionality, pregnenolone (the precursor molecule to the hormones) production is maximized and hormones such as testosterone return to much higher levels. This would assist in the effectiveness of the HGH supplement.

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