Can C60 Help with Autoimmune Disorders?

In this episode, we discuss how autoimmune disorders have become widespread in our modern-day society.   We go over the organs in the body that are vulnerable to this sort of disorder – for example, the thyroid, the brain, the lungs, etc. We also discuss autoimmune disease factors and give an overview of how C60 can help alleviate these factors, thereby reducing the autoimmune response.

C60 can reduce inflammation, reducing pain, and potentially decreasing the frequency of autoimmune flareups. Cells and Macrophages get activated to cause inflammation, in this manner creating a feedback mechanism that cascades things. C60 can stop this feedback loop, thereby alleviating the chronic inflammation.

“Leaky gut syndrome” is thought to be a potential cause of autoimmune conditions.  In research studies, C60 has been shown to help repair the gut lining.R C60 also engages in a symbiotic relationship with helpful bacteria in the gut, thereby improving overall gut health.

Many C60 users have reported restored hormone levels – resulting in improvement in their autoimmune conditions. 

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