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The C60 Show (Episode 20) Live Q & A

In this episode, we start by answering some frequently asked questions and take a moment to review the amazing antioxidant properties of Carbon 60. After covering the basics, we move on to answer some live questions from our audience, many having to do with common conditions and health concerns.

Your Questions about C60 Answered – Part 1

2018.06.27 Webinar Recording – Your Questions about C60 Answered. We had a very informative webinar last week!  Ken was on a roll and answered lots of our viewer’s questions. 

The RECORDING of the Live Q&A with Ken the Scientist is now available

Ken managed to answer almost all of the questions submitted! How did that happen???  It must be the C60 Purple Power, hahaha!

There were all kinds of questions like:

Is it good for your teeth? Why is it purple? If I rub it on my head will my hair grow back?  (Ken got a kick out of the last one)

If you’d like us to do more shows in the future, please let us know in the comments 🙂
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