Sierra Samuel

Sierra Samuel is a co-host of The C60 Show and is a passionate advocate for health and wellness. She brings a bright, fresh, and down-to-earth perspective on nutrition and fitness, and helps to translate the “Science of C60” into easy to understand facts for The C60 Show’s viewers. Sierra was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease, a serious autoimmune disease, at the age of 20 – and several years later, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Since taking C60 Purple Power for a little over 2 years though, she has been able to reduce her thyroid medications significantly as her thyroid has begun producing hormones again. Her hope is, that with her continued use of Carbon 60, and commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle, her thyroid function will be fully restored and she’ll be able to get off the medication completely.

Benefits of C60 for Pets

Benefits of C60 for Pets

Ken kicked off this episode with the revelation that C60 basically works for pets as it does for humans, because C60 works on the cellular level.

Your Questions about C60 Answered – Part 1

2018.06.27 Webinar Recording – Your Questions about C60 Answered. We had a very informative webinar last week!  Ken was on a roll and answered lots of our viewer’s questions. 

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