Your Questions about C60 Answered – Part 1

We had a very informative webinar last week!  Ken was on a roll and answered lots of viewers’ questions.  Be sure to watch the recording below and add your questions in the comments below for our next webinar, which will be live on our Facebook page July 11th at 7:00 p.m. MST.

Some of the questions asked were…

Can C60 repair the damage done by the body scan at the airport?

I have Basal Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer).  Would you recommend trying C60 topically?

Why is C60 so expensive to make?

Is it helpful to take C60 before a surgery? 

17 thoughts on “Your Questions about C60 Answered – Part 1”

  1. Ruthie Cassidy

    I’m Loving learning about this Phenomenal product…will be ordering it as Soon as I get more money! My Question: with your 2 carrier oils of avocado & coconut~~are you recommending 1 specific oil over the other, for any specific ailments …or it is just a matter of preference of taste?

    1. Hi Ruthie: The choice of oil is a personal preference. How well does your body digest each type of oil is important. I have found Avocado and Coconut oil are two of the healthiest an easily digestible oils.

    2. My first bottle was the c60 in avacado oil because the coconut oil was out of stock In the smaller bottle. I didn’t have any problems with it. When I reordered I got the coconut this time and I have only taken it twice but I got severe gas pains and loose bowels about 30 minutes later. Could this be from the coconut oil ? I have cooked with coconut oil before and this didn’t happen. I will definitely go back to the avocado next time but has anyone else had this side effect?

  2. Yolande Bangert

    I have no trouble understanding Ken but the young lady’s voice sounds garbled and hard to follow. It could be the microphone.

    Since I don’t have a Facebook a/c & do not intend to have one, it’s good to have access to a replay of the webinar. Does your product contain any solvents with the purity being 95.5%? Based on SES Research on C60 products sold, only 2 products are solvent free. SES Research states that their “Fine grade C60 Olive Oil starts with our purest form of SES Research Carbon 60 (99.99%) and is continuously stirred for 2 weeks at room temperature in Olive Oil that is directly sourced from Organic Koroneiki Olives grown in the Kalamate region in Greece (Certified USDA Organic, Kosher, Kalamata PDO). This awarding winning Iliada Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by Agro.vim S.A. Iliada. ”

    What is your opinion of their product and how valid is the claim?

    I have advanced cataract in one eye — can your product be used as an eyedrop and if so, can I purchase sterile eyedroppers from you? How many drops per day are being used on the participants at your clinical trial?

    I look forward to your reply either by email or at your next webinar. Thank you.

    1. Hi Yolande: Our product uses 99.955 pure C60. And as C60 at full saturation is less than 0.1% of the product, the maximum amount of any residual solvent in the product would be less than 0.4 ppm. Kalamata olives are quite tasty and SES products are high quality.

  3. Bonnie Steelman

    I 1st heard you on the “You Are Free TV” show, and have already ordered C60! On the show, Ken mentioned that his macular degeneration was healed ~ in this 6/27/18 webinar he suggested taking a bit more than a teaspoon for maladies we are trying to heal ~ which I am trying to do = heal my macular degeneration. How much should I take and for how long a period of time?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hi Bonnie: We have had people report their macular degeneration has stopped progressing and even healed after using C60 for several months to a year. Amounts they were taking ranged from a teaspoon a day to a tablespoon a day.

    2. People who have reported their macular degeneration stopping and even healing were taking C60 for several months to a year. The amount they were taking ranged from a teaspoon a day to a tablespoon.

  4. Hello,
    I heard about you from YOU ARE FREE TV and placed an order on a reoccurring subscription. I’m looking forward to taking your C60. I’m currently taking Dr. Patrick Flannagan’s MegaHydrate, how does C60 respond to the billions of negatively-charged Hydrogen ions that get’s delivered to the cells?

    1. Jen, C60 has a slight positive charge and acts like a sponge to negatively charged Hydrogen ion. Up to 56 hydrogens can stick to the outside and inside of the C60 molecule. The C60 then uses the Hydrogens to neutralize oxidative radicals back into water.

      1. Thank you for your reply, Ken. So it is beneficial to take Hydrogens in conjunction with C60 or does C60 perform better without the presence of Hydrogens? Thank you and many blessings.

        1. C60 performs better with hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is used by the cell as a signaling molecule and antioxidant. C60 acts as a hydrogen sponge and then uses it to neutralize oxidative radicals back to water.

  5. Ive ordered a 1 yr subscrption of c60 & coconut oil for my husband.
    He hasnt started takeing it because we dont know if it will have any interaction with his medication for CHF or Afib. Could anyone provide any information on this subject? Thank you

    1. C60 does not interfere with any medicines or supplements. C60 only interacts with high energy oxidative radicals. The MCT coconut oil is quickly converted to ketones in the liver, which can be immediately be used as fuel by the cells as an alternative to glucose. Some customers have said C60 has helped reduce the symptoms of CHF.

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